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Beach Vacation Packing List to Check Before

For beach lovers, they must be known how to prepare vacation well. But what about those who don’t really understand? There are surely still many people who are confused about what to bring. Based on this case, you really need to prepare beach vacation packing list. Just imagine that you are going to a beach vacation without important stuffs. It will ruin your vacation plan as well as your mood. Therefore, avoid this kind of problem to create a comfortable vacation.

Prepare Outfits that Deserve Hot Summer Day

Preparing outfits that deserve hot summer day becomes the first beach vacation packing list. Off course we don’t need to pack very thick clothes. But there are still many people who choose the outfits wrongly. First thing you should pay attention about is the material of clothes. You still can wear jeans or denim as long as it’s jacket. But for more comfortable, you can wear casual shirts, dresses, or swimsuit for girls. While for guys, you can wear shorts and shirts.

Remember for Safety First

Since you are in a hot summer day, you also should remember for safety first. There are some stuffs to bring such as travel first aid kit, sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, and hand sanitizer. But you also need to bring toiletries like tooth brush, soap, and shampoo. This is the next beach vacation packing to always remember. For girls, absolutely don’t leave your makeup because it’s essential.

Beach Gear to Bring

Besides sun bathing, what else do you want to do at the beach? This can be another concern after the first aid kid. It’s your time to hit the beach and make every moment becomes more fun. Blanket, beach umbrella, and beach chairs becomes the main beach gear to bring. But don’t bring too plain design of them. There are the alternatives with stylish design to make a fashion statement. Then to support your activity, you can prepare beach sports. For those who are going with kids, you can bring beach toys too so that they can play around.

Additional Travel Essentials

There are other additional travel essentials that you should not miss. Don’t only think about how to enjoy your day at the beach but also your health. Water bottle becomes the most important to bring. Stay hydrate because you spend your time swimming or snorkelling. Don’t let yourself thirsty by bringing water bottle and snack in the bag. If you already decide to stay at the beach, you can bring travel pillow and blanket too.

Capture every Moment Using Waterproof Camera

Waterproof camera becomes the last stuff that must be in beach vacation packing list. Bring the best one that designed to survive under water. Make sure that it’s suitable for outdoor adventures including diving. It’s also the same for your phone, you can buy a waterproof case to protect it.  Capture every moment using with your loved ones. Don’t miss every moment without taking it into memorable pictures.