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Holidays at Camping Grounds in New Zealand

Holidays at Camping Grounds in New Zealand

If you have never been on a camping holiday, let me recommend New Zealand as your initial experience. There are many camping grounds in New Zealand to choose from which all offer a range of ‘kiwi’ experiences.

Camping grounds in New Zealand not only offer sites for tents, but also powered sites for Caravans, Campervans & RV’s, along with self contained accommodation options for your stay. But it’s not just the array of accommodation options available to you that make campsites in NZ extra special — it’s the numerous settings and views that you will get to experience that really make your stay memorable.

New Zealand camping grounds are dotted throughout both the North and South Islands in both popular and less heard of spots. Wherever you choose to spend your camping holiday you will be amazed at the stunning scenery and the beautiful sounds of nature which you will wake up to every morning. Whether you want to hear the sound of waves lapping the shoreline or the sound of a babbling creek, NZ can provide you with these options and more. Sea / river / lake views, forest views, mountain views and park settings are all common options for camp grounds. Why not experience a little of them all during your holiday? New Zealand has so much to offer in terms of activities too, but don’t be fooled, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxing holidays too, the choice really is yours.

Camping grounds in New Zealand are either owned by the local Council, Department of Conservation or are privately owned. The facilities at these parks can range from the basics, such as communal bathrooms with cold showers, through to ‘excellent’ where you will have hot showers and kitchen & laundry facilities too. There is also a group called Kiwi Holiday Parks which is a group of around 50 member parks offering 4 star facilities which include extra things like children’s play areas and an on site shop. If you are looking for that extra something to complete your campsite holiday, the hosted holiday park options are a great option, as your hosts will warmly welcome you and they are generally never far away should you need them. The hosted option also allows you to truly experience ‘kiwi’ culture and hospitality.

Many think that the supposed hassles of cooking and cleaning while camping don’t make for an enjoyable holiday, however the popular ‘kiwi’ cooking option of BBQ’s is top of the list for this type of holiday. The beauty of Camping Grounds in New Zealand is that most have barbecue facilities available to all guests. All you have to do is bring the ingredients and few drinks to enjoy around the picnic table, along with the good old fashioned kiwi favourite – tomato sauce, and you have yourself a true kiwi campsite holiday. So when it comes to cleaning up, you won’t have to worry about extra pots and pans and utensils, just a wash of the hot plate and you’ll be done!

The weather is forever changing and a camping holiday during any season in New Zealand is whatever you make of it. So get your gear together now and start searching for the campsite of your choice!