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Camping in Spain Is the Best Option of Holidaying

Camping in Spain Is the Best Option of Holidaying

Camping in Spain is one of the most affordable ways of exploring the country inside out. Most of the campsites in this part of Europe are well suited for campers with many facilities and in some cases even vaunt about luxurious features. In fact, these campsites can any day trump over some three star hotels as not only are they comfortable but also save campers significant amount money.

Locations of these Campsites

A campsites’ popularity depends on its geographical location. Being in close proximity to the coastline, near to beautiful beaches or natural reserves definitely adds to a campsites’ popularity among campers. Apart from this most campsites are spread over an average area of 10-15 hectares. This area is a mix of hilly terrain, lush greenery and flat grasslands. The number of pitches greatly varies with different campsites but for a 12 hectare campsite it is around 200-220.

A pitch is an area over which a camper can erect his tent, or park his caravan or camper van. Many of these campsites also offer normal tents, fully equipped tents, mobile homes, caravans, bungalows, villas and even chalets for rent. Some campsites have special provisions to pledge winter months and are roughly known as winter campsites. Although it is up to the campsites’ discretion, many allow various types of pets to be brought along and even allow the pets to fully access the campsite.

Facilities of such Campsites

Many campsites over the years have innovated and have started giving local hotels a run for their money by offering facilities comparable to them at a far lower cost. These include a swimming pool, a splash pool, free hot showers, waterslide, connection to drinking water, toilet blocks for disabled people, playground and first aid. Some of them go a step ahead and offer service for camper vans, electric hook-ups, sauna, whirlpool bath, beauty care, etc.

Some campsites strive to provide their campers with a complete experience and the result of this is a list of services that includes restaurants, bars, food outlets, gas supply, washing and dry cleaning facilities, club rooms for kids and teens, bicycles and motorcycles for hire and free internet access through Wi-Fi.


Campsites are meant to have a good time and many offer campers a choice of activities to keep them in good spirits. These include mountain biking, outdoor ball games, fitness and yoga sessions, spa facilities and finally adventure sports like rafting, diving, sailing and water-skiing.