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Get Back to Nature by Camping on Picturesque Fraser Island

Get Back to Nature by Camping on Picturesque Fraser Island

Located in the Pacific Ocean, just off Queensland’s south central coast, Fraser island accommodation options range from high ends resorts, to luxury beach houses, motels and campgrounds so nearly anybody can find somewhere suitable to stay on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful areas in the world. With pure white sand and crystal clear azure waters it is the perfect destination both for a romantic getaway for two or a whole family adventure.

There are many attractions that suit a variety of visitors. Most people enjoy basking in the tropical Queensland sun, while others prefer a more active itinerary taking the opportunity to explore the historic MAHENO shipwreck which was washed ashore in the 1935 cyclone, the thick tropical rainforest or perhaps world famous Great Barrier Reef. There are also options to hire four-wheel drive vehicles to check out the region and explore the coastline in your own time and at your own pace. Whatever your desire there are Fraser Island tours that suit a variety of budgets and cater for a wide range of activities.

While the area is a highly sought after vacation destination and is a World Heritage listed site, the biggest industry and perhaps the biggest drawcard for visitors is the Whale Watching industry that attracts nearly 600 000 people from across the globe each year. When taking a cruise on a reputable boat you can be guaranteed to see humpback whales up close and personal during the peak season which runs from July each year. Other native wildlife is abundant in the region with species including the jabiru, wallabies, dingoes, flying foxes and echidnas. The fascinating marine life includes tortoises, turtles, dolphins and of course whales. The flora is also amazing with the 1000 year old rainforest and swamp lands ready to be explored.

Fraser island camping is possibly the most popular method of lodging with both public and private facilities available to tourists. If you choose this option, it is essential to obtain a permit from the Department of Environment and Resource Management upon arrival to your chosen sites. There are seven grounds for visitors to choose from, including five public, state run grounds and two private facilities. Facilities vary between sites but generally include toilets, showers, and picnic tables. While barbeques are available, there is not always a sufficient wood source, so visitors are advised to bring their own gas cooker, but are warned not to bring their own firewood as it poses a risk of introducing insects and bugs to the area. It is also important for visitors to the area to know that domestic animals and pets are strictly prohibited with the exception of guide dogs who require a permit.