Driving Tips Eco Driving Techniques You Need to Know

Driving with eco driving techniques is not only based on safety and comfort on the road. However, it also prioritizes aspects of concern for the environment and fuel efficiency. This will affect the service life of the vehicle components used. To maximize the use of fuel, there are several ways that can be done by the driver, namely:

1. Travel time, route and destination

Calculate the estimated driving time by paying attention to the route of travel in order to avoid traffic jams. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, the car will often stop and go , a condition in which the car must stop and run again according to traffic density, resulting in waste of fuel. Besides

avoid congestion, in calculating the estimated driving time, the driver must also provide more time in case of unexpected events on the way.

2. How to drive

As much as possible avoid aggressive autonomous driving technology because it can trigger the use of fuel of wastefulIn driving with the Eco Driving technique, to achieve maximum rotation the driver must press the gas pedal slowly and immediately move to a higher acceleration gear position. Drivers should ideally keep the engine speed at 2,000 to 3,000 rpm. If you shift gears more than that number, the engine speed will be too high and the use of fuel will be much more wasteful.

Take advantage of the acceleration momentum when meeting uphill terrain and use engine breaks when meeting downhill terrain. High acceleration in driving will only cause excessive fuel consumption. Likewise, when trying to brake, the driver must calculate the braking distance of about 3 seconds by pressing the brake pedal gently and using the engine break for braking. Besides, use speed with a constant around 60-70 kilometers per hour to achieve fuel efficiency.

3. Use of appropriate car fuel

Another important thing that must be considered is the use of fuel according to the recommendation, namely unleaded fuel. Unleaded fuel will minimize pollution from vehicle exhaust gases, making it more friendly to the surrounding environment. The choice of car tires is also an important factor in supporting the e co driving technique.

One of them is by using low rolling resistance tires. Tires with less air pressure can slow the wheels from rolling and require more power to the axle. In addition to fuel and car tires, the use of air conditioning is also a factor in wasting fuel. For that, avoid using air conditioning with a maximum temperature and use the ideal cabin room temperature of around 20-23 degrees Celsius.

4. Vehicle maintenance

Carry out regular maintenance at an authorized workshop to maintain the performance of the engine and its components so that they are always in top condition when used. In addition, carrying out regular maintenance at an authorized repair shop can maintain the car’s warranty. So that the warranty does not expire, follow the free service schedule of 1,000 km – 5,000 km at an authorized workshop such as Suzuki which provides genuine spare parts.

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