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Costa Del Sol Camping

Costa Del Sol Camping

There can be few things as pleasant as Costa Del Sol camping, great beaches, great sun, but sometimes the numbers of people can be too great, meaning a somewhat packed holiday. It can make sense to let the maddening crowds dissipate back to the office after the mad crush of the summer months and then take the pick of the place for yourself.

Campsites all across the south of Spain are big business and as such are run efficiently and generally offer well established and maintained restaurants and services such as pools, club houses and internet access.

Airports mean it is possible to find one of the many low-cost flights to the region as well as taking advantage of off season prices as most of the Europeans will have packed up by the start of September at the latest.

This synchronised departure is the sign many less rigid holiday-makers look for and swoop into the calmer beaches and empty roads, benefiting from the return to work for many of the continent’s occupants.

The sheer variety of campsites is amazing, there is something for the very sporty, rock-climbing, cycling, to the very relaxing more suited for those who appreciate a good sunset, a good book and a cool drink. It is easy to walk off a plane or train and find a reputable motorhome dealer, you will get more attentive service as your late custom will be more appreciated than in the crushing summer months.

Spain has a lot to offer, and by visiting off season it means you don’t have to share it with quite so many people as you might otherwise do going in the high season