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Coleman Sundome 10′ X 10′ Tent

Coleman Sundome 10′ X 10′ Tent

The Coleman Sundome 10′ X 10′ tent is a spacious, reasonably priced camping tent that can easily lodge 5 people. It is shaped like a sundome and has a solid 10′ by 10′ base that gives you lots of moving space. Its height is 72 inches which provides enough headroom even for a taller person. This tent’s sundome is Weather Tec, which means that the coated polyester fabric, webbing and zippers prevent the tent from leaking. It has a rainfly door and a window that also protect you from getting wet. Alternatively, the Coleman tent has adjustable Variflo ventilation and a cool air port. They save you from the scorching sun and keep you cool.

The Coleman Sundome 10′ X 10′ tent is considered to be one of the fastest tents to set up. To assist you, there are 2 shock-corded steel poles, pole sleeves and InstaClip attachments. This model of Coleman tent has some added features that include a much needed heavy duty welcome mat, gear pocket, cord port and a separate bag to store poles and stakes. The striking aspect of this camping tent is that it has 1 year limited warranty.

Many reviewers felt good purchasing the Coleman Sundome 10’x 10′ tent. Most of them said that the tent kept them dry and cozy even when it poured heavily outside. They thought that the tent had space to sleep a single family and had some extra room for storing camping items. Many of them were satisfied with the design and technology of this Coleman tent. One reviewer expressed his happiness with the purchase of this camping tent. Yet another reviewer suggested that with proper care this tent will last longer.

A few reviewers felt that the Coleman tent was not ideal for extreme weather conditions. Some of them had problems with the zippers and poles. A few of the reviews suggested having extra loops to hang stuffs. The most common challenge was to put it back to its original pack. However, the Coleman tent received numerous positive reviews and was recommended by many.

The Coleman Sundome 10′ X 10′ tent is a useful, roomy camping tent which was tested by the Coleman Company for its waterproof technology. It is one of those rare tents that keep you dry during rainy seasons and cool during hot summers. With careful assembly this tent can be your best pal for camping.