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Camping and Hiking Etiquette

Camping and Hiking Etiquette

Cleaning up after yourself and sometimes others in imperative. Never leave trash and always leave your camp site as it was when you came if not better. Don’t dig a trench at the camp site. Be very careful when hanging hammocks or ropes from trees so that you do not harm the trees in any way. Only build campfires in designated areas, do not build a new pit for your fire, just use the one that is there. If there isn’t one then don’t build a fire at all. It is very important to keep everything as natural as you can. After all, nature is what draws us out away from our everyday life so that we can enjoy some time hiking and camping.

Hikers need to stay on the trails. Not only for safety reasons, but if many people walked on the same shortcut across a meadow or through the woods it leaves a path, destroying the natural beauty. Wildflowers should be left alone and never picked. Leave them there so that others can enjoy them as well. Leave all plants alone, never dig them up. It is important that you never bring anything home with you that didn’t come with you except trash.

When hiking down a trail, hikers need to yield the right of way for other hikers coming up the trail. Just find a safe place to step off to the side and allow the hikers coming up the trail to maintain their momentum.

Some hikers bring their dogs on their hikes. If you do, be sure you have a leash for your dog. You will need do bring a plastic bag and scoop with you to clean up after your pet. Your dog must be well-mannered and you must maintain control of your dog at all times. It is a good idea to check and make sure that dogs are permitted where you will be going. Don’t let the dog chase after wildlife.

Be respectful of others. No yelling, keep in mind the noise level. Remember that sound travels very well at night. Common courtesy while you are camping or hiking creates community on the trail. Our trails and campsites are meant to be enjoyed by all who use them.