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7 Signs That You’ve Hired an Inexperienced Graphic Designer

7 Signs That You’ve Hired an Inexperienced Graphic Designer

Double returns after paragraphs or headlines. Using two spaces by hitting the return or enter key twice between paragraphs or headlines makes it more likely that you will end up with a blank line at the top of the column, and it also leaves too much space between each paragraph causing them to look disconnected.

Two spaces after punctuation. Hitting the space bar twice after punctuation started way back when we all used typewriters. The desktop computer now allows just enough space with only hitting the space bar once.

Borders around everything. Using borders around every type or graphic element, usually indicates a beginner who feels unsafe with elements that aren’t contained.

Embossing or other nifty drop shadow effect. These type effects make the type unreadable, and are dead giveaways that you are dealing with an inexperienced Graphic Designer. This also includes such effects as rainbow gradients and bevel emboss.

ALL CAPS for more than one or two words. All caps type is more difficult to read, so use sparingly for short statements of text only. Try using bold or another typeface instead.

Too many fonts. The number of fonts or typefaces used in any communication should be limited to 3. Usually, a complementary combination of a serif and san serif font works best.

Center justifying all text. There are some instances where center justifying text works best, but for large areas of copy, left justifying is the most pleasing and natural to the eye.

Graphic design is the science of combining a strong concept, visuals and text in a way that speaks to your customer. If any of these elements exist within your marketing pieces, the only thing your brand will say, is “I am not serious enough about my business to hire a professional to design my marketing tools”.