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Travel to Malang from Jogja in 3 Days

You might already waiting for so long to find the right time for traveling. Besides, time, destination also becomes a challenge to choose. But if you want a memorable traveling, Malang is the right place.  Even though it’s not as big as Surabaya, but Malang also have places to visit even it’s excellent in nature tourism. All of you from different cities in Indonesia like Jogja can visit Malang easily. Airplane, train, or bus can be your transportation according to your budget. But if you are still in Java Island, you can travel to Malang from Jogja by train. There is a recommendation of itinerary of 3 days traveling to Malang below.

Day 1: Go to Malang by Malioboro Express

When you are ready to choose train, you still have to know which type of train is suitable. Malioboro Express could be your perfect transportation that brings you to your dream city Malang. After that, you can decide which type of train you prefer more, economy or executive class. If you want to make your trip going faster, choose departure at evening. It’s because you will spend about 8 to 9 hours.For more easier, you can travel to Malang from Jogja through Tugu Station.

Day 2: Start to Explore Malang

After arrive at Kota Baru Malang Station, you can walk around the station. If you already booked a hotel or home stay, don’t go directly to the hotel. Enjy your moment for awhile because there are some attractions near the station which are  Trunojoyo Park, Sriwijaya Culinary Center, andTugu Town Square. Don’t need to worry if you feel tired to walk because there are still pedicab that can bring you to the destination near Kota Baru Station. After exploring those destinations, you can go to hotel or home stay and take a rest. Make sure that you back to hotel before noon. When you already recharge your energy, you can explore further. If it’s still possible to visit the nature, you can go to beautiful beach or coban. But if it’s not possible, you can go to popular tourism like Jodipan Colorful Village or amusement park like Jawa Timur Park or the famous Angkut Museum.

Day 3: Back again to Jogja

In the last day of travel to Malang from Jogja, you can take your time to buy Malang souvenirs to bring back to Jogja. There are tempeh chips, pia Cap Mangkok, and Malang Strudel. You can easily go to the store by using online transportation. After shopping, you can take  a rest for awhile and then go to the Kota Baru Station according to the departure schedule to Jogja.