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Tips for a Backpacker-style Vacation to Turkey

Vacations don’t have to be expensive, take a peek at tips for a backpacker-style vacation to Turkey!

Surely during this pandemic, you’ve really missed being able to vacation and travel abroad, huh? What country do you think is on your top wish-list? Turkey can be a very suitable choice of country, you know.

Explore beautiful natural panoramas and magnificent city buildings in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, and others. Want to see the stunning view of Turkey from the height of a hot air balloon? You must come to Cappadocia!

The fun thing is, Turkey is one of the countries that Indonesian citizens can easily visit during the pandemic, especially for those of you who have undergone a complete Covid-19 vaccination.

Prepare a backpack, let’s go on a backpacker-style vacation to Turkey

If you’re looking for a low-budget version of vacation tips to Turkey , you can, here, try the excitement of a backpacker-style vacation! Even though the vacation budget is more economical, you are guaranteed to be satisfied and happy if you follow these budget-friendly vacation tips to Turkey from Rukita this time!

Most importantly, you must clearly arrange a vacation itinerary to Turkey carefully. Determine your priority destinations and collect various complete references so that there are no unexpected expenses!

Tips for a Budget -Efficient Backpacker-style Vacation to Turkey

So that your vacation is still fun and comfortable, let’s check out the Backpacker-style vacation tips to Turkey that are guaranteed to be budget-friendly, suitable, for students!

1. Booking flight tickets in advance

One of the most important things to consider when deciding to go on a backpacker -style vacation to Turkey is the plane ticket! You must book your flight ticket well in advance of your planned departure.

Why? Because the distance is far from the homeland, the Jakarta – Turkey flight route can reach Rp. 10 million for one flight, you know. If it is calculated for a round trip, it can reach Rp. 20 million alone!

However, if you choose to book tickets in advance, you can find lots of promos from various online travel agent platforms! Please try, book a plane ticket 3-6 months before departure, the price is definitely much cheaper!

2. Find strategic accommodation

In addition to transportation, the accommodation factor is also very important to consider. If you can, you have done your research and booked while still in Indonesia so it doesn’t make it difficult for you.

For backpackers, you are also required to choose a hotel that is strategic and close to various facilities such as public transportation, to tourist destinations. The remote location of the hotel will make your vacation time inefficient. In addition, transportation costs will be more expensive. Too bad, right?

There are several recommendations for strategic hotels in Istanbul such as Puffin Hostel Istanbul, Seyithan Palace Hotel, Erenler Hotel & Hostel, and many more at very affordable prices!

3. Find information about public transportation

Before visiting the city you are going to in Turkey, try to find as complete information as possible about public transportation for you to use while you are there.

That way, you can adjust what transportation should be used to get to tourist destinations, lodging, and also other public facilities such as supermarkets, malls, pharmacies, and so on.

For example in Istanbul, usually you can choose to take the metro, metrobus, tram, taxi, and Uber. Just choose according to your budget and needs!

Those are various backpacker-style vacation tips to Turkey that are budget-friendly. If your vacation plans are ready, it’s guaranteed, well, a cheap vacation to Turkey will still be fun and enjoyable, moreover, if you can take your loved ones, it will be even more economical because you can share, right?