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The Best in Campground Cooking

The Best in Campground Cooking

The best part of camping smells are the best meals prepared on camp stoves or over an open fire. “Ah,” the fabulous outdoors just brings out the best in food. One of my favorite meals is “Hobo Dinner,” which is potatoes, onions, carrots, hamburger or chicken placed in aluminum foil and then tossed on a fire. That seems to be one of the repeat meals that my family shares at our favorite campground every summer.

There is nothing like cooking or eating a fantastic meal with beautiful surroundings as your backdrop. The sunset reflecting through the trees or off a lake at the evening campfire where you spend time laughing and enjoying each others company. What drives you to return to the outdoors year in and year out? It might be the mysterious echo of the loon that brings a sense of peace or maybe the picturesque scenery that beckons you back to the wild. Whatever stimulates your senses, it is the meals that you fix that create memorable experiences and joy of being outdoors.

The cold weather seems to continue to be persistent. What better time to start thinking about your next family camping trip to your favorite campground. Start planning your favorite meals that you will develop and cook on outstanding portable stove or open flames. What better way to enjoy standard car camping or large group camping. The glorious outdoors are calling you and your adventurous people to have fun with friends and family and cooking up a sumptuous meal.

Now days there are stoves that offer portability, easy cleaning, reliability, and convenience for cooking. Thus, the stoves give you the necessary tools to cook up your favorite meals. The camping stove unfolds simply to expose 2 or 3 burners, with the lid forming a windscreen at the back, and windscreens to the sides. Great features to help cut down fuel consumption when exposed.