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Stranded deep free download pc full version

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First look at your surroundings and check to see if you have supplies or not. The game feels very realistic and if you have real-life survival knowledge, then you will surely be able to apply it here. Or maybe you like the TV series lost? There should be a hiding place to sleep in it at night. The gameplay also feels real because you will be grappling with an ever present issue- thirst. The former is all ready to be used, but you will have to fix the latter plane.


Stranded deep free download pc full version


In the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive. Stay sharp: hunger, thirst, and exposure conspire against you as you strqnded treacherous elements and the dangerous creatures of the Pacific.

Health, Hunger, Thirst, and sunstroke. Manage fred monitor these vitals through an interactive survival watch. Cure poisons, heal broken bones, and bandage bleeding to stay alive.

Spears, Axes, Bows, Spearguns, and so much more can all be crafted through an interactive crafting menu or by the quick-craft selection wheel. Items in your inventory and on the ground vefsion you can all be crafted into something useful.

Harvesting, Craftsmanship, Cooking, Physical, and Hunting can all be levelled up for maximum efficiency or to unlock different crafting combinations. With dozens of tiers and building pieces to choose from; craft your very own home away from home. From a weak and flimsy palm frond shack to a solid clay brick pc dhaka vice city games download. Customise your own raft with sails, canopies, storage, anchors, boat motors, and more.

If sailings not for stranded deep free download pc full version — fly in style by constructing a gyrocopter. Explore the procedurally generated world with no two islands the same. Dive for sunken shipwrecks, abandoned shelters from previous survivors, or search for rare sea stranded deep free download pc full version like whales. Stranded Deep Free Download v1.

About Stranded Deep Free Download v1. System Requirements. Recommended :. More Like This. Action Adventure RPG. Arcane Vale Free Download v0. Explore a huge open-world full of Action Adventure Strategy. New Super Mario Bros. Download the game Directly and play without installing On Nexus-Games. Game Details. Adventure Survival. Beam Team Games. Join our Discord.

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Stranded deep free download pc full version.Stranded Deep Free Download (v1.


Take the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Experience terrifying encounters both above and below an endless stranded deep free download pc full version.

Come face to face with some of the most life threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play. Generate an Infinite Number of Procedural Worlds — Explore Pacific islands, reefs, and bottomless ocean trenches filled with detailed biomesNo two worlds are the same — You can generate a completely new and randomized world at any time.

You can also mix your own maps created with the map editor in with the procedurally created maps in the world for a more customized experience. If you feel адрес sharing, you can even share your world seed with other players. Please note, currently the generated world size is limited stranded deep free download pc full version 6. Update Requested.

Repack By : Pirate Game Читать далее : 1. Stranded Deep Free Download v1. Смотрите подробнее Deep on Pre-Installed Game You can also mix your own maps created with the map editor in with the procedurally created maps in the world for a more customized experience.

Processor: 1. Pixel Shader 3. Deferred lighting support DirectX: Version 9.

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