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STARSHIP EXETER (feature), Part 1 – “The Savage Empire” – Fan Film Factor

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Star trek exeter movie download

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Exeter rewrote the rules of what a Star Trek fan film could be and helped “The Savage Empire” was finally made available for download. Starship Exeter is a Star Trek fan film project, one of the earliest of the “Fan-Made Star Trek Episode Available for Download”.


Star trek exeter movie download.Risus Trek – Star Trek Exeter


Exeter rewrote the rules of what a Star Trek fan film could be and helped to usher in what many call the modern age of fan films. As they worked on the idea, they played around with different names for their starship, which would be a Constitution -class vessel like the USS Enterprise. Nowadays, it seems like everyone has access to TOS-style sets to film their fan series on. But back in , the idea was almost unheard of. Using only their own money, time, and resources, Jimm and Josh began a two-year process of filming with many starts and stops… including a move to Austin, TX, where filming was later completed.

They built their own set pieces to have a s Trek -era look and feel. They sewed their own uniform shirts. Both brothers appeared in the credits under stage names. With all this footage filmed, it then took another five years to release a completed episode.

Now, before you think Jimm and Josh were just a couple of procrastinators, realize that, back in , digital editing technology was only just beginning to come down in price and complexity enough for the average person to be able to afford and use it properly.

The brothers, as co-producers, also made the critical decision to film the space-based visual FX with physical models rather than using computer 3D graphics programs. Considering the quality of most amateur CGI software at the time, this was probably the right call, but it did require additional time.

Archived from the original on February 19, Star Trek fan productions. Categories : Fan films based on Star Trek American science fiction films. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Starship Exeter official logo. December 19, Garrovick is the cousin of the Ensign Garrovick who joined Captain Kirk in an attempt to destroy a mist-creature in the original Star Trek episode ” Obsession “.

Garrovick took command of the USS Exeter at the age of 37, following the demise of several veteran Starfleet captains. Harris is the executive first officer as well as the science officer of the ship, following the pattern of Spock from the original series. Harris is a human from the United Kingdom on Earth. The Exeter ‘ s communications officer, a blue-skinned, antennaed Andorian.

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Risus Trek Character Rules Rules As standard for Risus, each character will receive a pool of 10 dice with which to select your characters cliches. Next, youll need to select your Stareet Department. Therefore, when using your Specialty, your dice pool is equal to the sum of your Stareet Ocer rank, your Department rank, and your Specialty rank. Specialty dice have an added benet: you may reroll them during a test! However, you must take the second roll, even if its worse.

Also, should you lose dice during the test, Specialty dice are lost rst. Finally, your Specialty rank can never exceed the rank of the associated Department. These dice should be used to dene your characters personality or other skills, and you may spend up to 4 dice per cliche.

Are you a Ladies Man? A Skilled Liar? Superb Cook? Anything subject to GM approval is fair game here. That goes here too. While you can select any race you like, not all of them really aect your character in meaningful ways. You dont have to assign dice to a race in order to play a character of that race, although you wont really have much chance doing racial things. For many races, this doesnt ma2er much. Basically, if you can think of a standard racial cliche that youd expect to do, then puNng some dice there would be nice.

Romulan might enable you to be sneaky, among other things. Humans get cool extra dice for other stu! This character would be a top-notch shooter! Lets say hes involved in a combat. During combat, you must select one cliche to use. As stated above, Stareet Ocer and your Specialty of Security Ocer are considered a single cliche, for a total of 5 dice.

As combat wears on, perhaps youve lost some dice lets say youve lost 3 dice so far from your Security Ocer pool.

That leaves you just 2 dice leD and for someone without an Expert Shot or similar cliche that would be all they had. Overall, a character as described above would have a net 7 dice to lose before losing the ght whereas someone without the Expert Shot would only have 5 to lose. ADer all, isnt it odd that the Captain, with years of experience and a career path that began in another department, has the exact same total of skills as the Lt down in Engineering?

The remainder of their dice are granted based on their current Rank or Experience length of Stareet service aDer the Academy. Ensign Stareet Ocer 2. This represents a freshly-graduated cadet. Dice gained from future Rank increases are allocated to the characters chosen Specialty.

The accumulated dice are not stacked, so a character going from Commander to Captain gains one net die for a total of ve dice. This means that dice spent prior to this Rank must be in some other Specialty. They dont just put you in Command of something fresh out of the Academy, you know. Of course, the second cliche wont be combined with the Stareet Ocer cliche, as its not Stareet training that youre using. Finally, Hooks and Tales can certainly be added into the available dice. Its up to the GM to decide to limit these to Background only, or make them usable for Stareet skills as well.

Obviously, whomever is in charge the Captain will have more dice than everyone else, and some groups may not like that. But who ever saw the random Ensign guy show up Captain Kirk? It’s like having a rewind bu2on for your campaign. We’ve already been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have instant access to your previous versions.

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