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Some Things to Plan Before Traveling to Malang with Train

Besides famous with culinary, Malang also famous with its tourism. You will find this apple city crowded especially on the weekend. If you want to travel to Malang, there are many ways to choose. It depends on which most comfortable transportation to use. But for those who want to feel different atmosphere, you can plan a traveling to Malang with train. Besides more affordable, it will also become more fun because we can see nature more during the trip. If you already sure to visit this city by train, you should plan also the other things before traveling. Look at some advice below.

Hunt the Train Ticket

Ticket is the first thing to always prepare before traveling anywhere including Malang. After you know when is the date for traveling, you can start to hunt the train ticket. If it’s too difficult for you to go to the station and queue to get a ticket, you can utilize travel application. There are many famous applications to use such as Traveloka and Pegi Pegi. Adjust also your budget to decide which class of train for traveling.

Decide the Hotel to Stay

After found your suitable train, you can continue to plan the hotel for traveling to Malang with train. It’s actually not difficult to find the best deal for hotel because there are bunch of apps. But it will become more careful when adjusting budget with quality of hotel. But if you are sure to plan a traveling to Malang with train, you can choose hotel which is located near Malang Kota Baru Station. There are some options such as Same Hotel and Hotel Ollino Garden.

Choose the Transportation

The next advice for your traveling to Malang is choose the transportation. This point means that you need to plan which transportation to reach the hotel. But you actually don’t have to worry because there are online transportation like Gojek and Grab. If you want to choose conventional taxi, it’s also fine for you.

Explore Tourism Attraction Near Kota Baru Station

When you arrive at Malang Kota Baru Station, it feels less if you don’t explore tourism attraction near Kota Baru Station. Colorful Village and Jodipan Tridi Village are two most popular travel destinations near Kota Baru Station to visit. Write down the destinations you want to visit before you go to Malang. It will make you easier and not bother your days about where you should go.