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RV Checklist – A Simple Safety Check Before You Start Driving

RV Checklist – A Simple Safety Check Before You Start Driving

If you are an old-hand at RV (campervan, motorhome) holidays, then you probably have your own checklist to go through before you start your journey. But even for experienced rv / campervan / motorhome enthusiasts, it’s easy to forget something, like switching the gas off or closing the hatches.

Here is our simple checklist we go through every time before we start driving our RV to keep our vehicle and its passengers safe.

Don’t forget your GLASSES.

Here’s what the letters stand for:

G – is the Gas turned off? You don’t want the gas on if there is an accident.

L – are the Lockers (storage compartments) Locked? You don’t want to get to your destination and find all your clothes on the floor

A – is the Awning back in storage – do you remember the film RV? They drove off with the awning out and sadly lost it!

S – are the Skylights and other roof hatches closed?

S – are the Switches you don’t need turned off? That way, you can’t accidentally use power when you don’t need to. For example, a light can’t be on in the back if the light switch is off at the main switch panel

E – is the External step back in? It would be a driving hazard if your step was still out. If you don’t have an external step, check on other External structures or gadgets, such as clothes line or your bicycles – you don’t want to forget them!

S – is the Satellite dish wound down. If you don’t have a satellite dish, check that all items in your RV / campervan are Secure

With this simple RV Checklist, you should have fun and not drama on your RV adventure.