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Reasons for Disputes Between Web Developers and Graphic Designers

Reasons for Disputes Between Web Developers and Graphic Designers

There is always an element of conflict when two or more people work on a similar task, there is always bound to be a clash of views and judgments. Graphic designers and Web Developers also have a comparable connection among them too. Particularly when operational on a web design venture, it is predictable that there will be a verbal or concealed brawl between designers and developers.

Being a part-time designer myself, I have collaborated with several knowledgeable web developers, and have also faced this issue. So following are some for the main reasons why the disputes actually arises between the two working experts:

Personal Goals:

The primary problem that causes disagreement between a graphic designer and web developer is the disparity of meeting personal goals. Rather than meeting a common purpose, both have their own set of objectives that ultimately fulfill a single cause…client approval. The designer’s core objective is to make the design visually eye-catching and likable for the client. Whereas in contrast, developer’s key purpose is to guarantee the functionality and user-friendliness for the spectator.

Difference of Method:

The subsequent concern that hinders designer/developer is the mind-set. Both have a totally conflicting approach of functioning. While designers have a creative frame of mind, developers are the serviceable and intellectual type. Designers try to fiddle with a variety of elements of graphic design like the typeface, colors and shapes. In the course, they are unaware of the complexity for the developers to transfer those complex styles into their coding languages.

Issue of File Formats:

Another key point of argument is the improper file formats. Since the graphic designer’s major weapon is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, he typically favors sending his work to the developer layout. That actually irritates developers to take delivery of files holding manifold layers. Likewise, sometimes when developers hurl a script at designers as a mock-up, the problem of invalid file format again arises as the graphic designers are not familiar with scripts.

Undue Credit

In a large amount of cases, the designers take away most of the credit for the design work. Be it logo design or graphic design, the designers generally collect all the honor and credit since they are at the forefront of the procedure. While developers are, as a rule, at rear-end of the entire project, they are marginalized when the times comes for recognition and admiration.