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Preparation Before Travel to Bromo from Malang

Visiting museums or amusement parks is very common. It must be really bored to visit the crowded place that make us difficult to enjoy our days. You can try different way for traveling by going to mountain. Bromo is a good recommendation which is located in East Java. The natural condition of Mount Bromo is linked to valleys, canyons, caldera or sea of sand. Besides, it belongs to some districts which are Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang Regency. That’s why you can choose from where you go to Bromo. If you choose departure point in Malang, you need to prepare anything before travel to Bromo from Malang. It’s always necessary to plan when you want a dream traveling. As it takes place in challenging nature, you should prepare yourself well. There are some tips to prepare yourself for Bromo traveling.

Knowing Where is the Perfect Time to Go

Even though it’s not that far to travel to Bromo from Malang, you still can make a preparation. Knowing where is the perfect time to go is the first step to do. Reconsider your plan before traveling to avoid disappointment. Dry season is the best time to visit Mount Bromo. But there is actually no exact month where you should go. But you be really careful with the season. If you go in the wrong time, you can’t enjoy the sunrise or sunset view.

Decide Where to Stay in Malang

Before deciding a place to stay in Malang, you need to know which transportation you choose. But for easier, it’s better to use travel agent service. There are some benefits to visit Malang Bromo by travel agent. You don’t need to make itinerary of travel to Bromo from Malang anymore. Back again to the place to stay, you can look for the hotel or home stay easier as the existence of travel applications. It depends on your preference include the budget. It’s true that home stay is more affordable than hotel. But there are also hotel which offers affordable price.

Rent Jeep to Explore Bromo

If you are still questioning should you rent a jeep or not to travel to Bromo from Malang, the  answer is it depends on yourself. It’s actually not cheap to rent a jeep to enjoy your moments in Bromo. But, it will become affordable if you invite your friends for traveling. Commonly, when you want to rent jeep packages, there are some destinations on the list such as Whispering Sand and Savanna at a cost more than 1,000,000 IDR.