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Practical 5 Min Checklist on Trekking

Practical 5 Min Checklist on Trekking

Trekking is fun, team building and healthy activity. But is there something to learn from others experience? Yes, of course actually a lot. If you’re a first time trekker or beginner this could be helpful to you.


I know how you feel for the first time trekking, especially when you go special shopping. Trekking is a fun activity and should not turn out to be a burden. Don’t invest in huge backpacks; you are not moving your house. Always buy mid-sized backpack.


Remember three is a crowd. Never plan like only you and your girlfriend. But try to have more than three, at least five. And make sure all are not beginners; have a blend of experienced trekkers too. That will help in many situations.


How much weight your tent is? Make sure it’s not more than 8 pounds. Tarpaulin sheets and ropes are in practical, a better choice. That will weigh less and practice how to build a tent with stones and woods. But if it’s a rainy season, tent is a wise choice.


Try to have a lot of fruits and chocolates. If you’re packing perishable items, make sure to eat them first. Carry a small stove if possible with a basic set of vessels. Instant noodles are also suitable. Don’t carry lot of water. You don’t need that much in reality. Have it for a day and then try to use local resources.

Basic amenities

Use aluminum foil for food items that will weigh less. Have a set of clothes and sleeping bag. Use sports shoes that weigh less.

Necessary Items

Have a basic first aid kit. Any form of mosquito repellent is essential. Have a torch light. Take a compass or GPS devices for directions. Add a Swiss knife for emergency. Carry floating pads if you might cross river or streams.


Try to know the place as much as possible. Ask fellow trekkers, search internet, have a map and finally ask the local people. Know which places are safe and which are not. Know the reason and double check with someone else. Try to add a local person for a small reward, having someone known about the place will help and make the trekking more interesting. You don’t want to miss an ancient temple just a few walks away, if you knew that already.