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Plan an Exciting Adventure

Full of national parks and great outdoor areas, the United States is wonderful for outdoor excursions. There’s so much more than just fishing. At sites around the country you can stargaze, ride bikes and so much more. The Great Outdoors offers endless possibilities.

With the help of the Internet and industry magazines it’s easy to research campsites around the country to help you plan your getaway. The numerous national parks throughout the US are always destination hotspots. Parks like Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains offer the chance to fully enjoy the outdoor experience. For experienced campers or adventurers who want a particularly special trip, there are plenty of unique camping options. All year you can hike through the Forty Mile Canyon in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah. In this amazing wonder you can hike in and around the broad canyon walls and cotton-wood trees. When you’re ready to relax you can splash through the 12-foot waterfall and its pool or several other shining watering holes.

If you’re looking for a spectacular summit view, consider the San Gorgonio Mountain in California. On this popular Southern California trail you can hike up 11,000 feet over the sprawling multi-ecozone perch. There you can see undisturbed views of the clouds and sky and look down into the deserts and trees below. Across in the east, spots in the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee and the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina also provide spectacular views.

For a bit of unconventional camping, there are some spots that are catered to you. If you’re up for a little skinny-dipping at dusk consider the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan. In the cool, clear freshwater of Lake Superior you can admire the pink and orange sky of sunset surrounded by the pines and hardwoods. Escaping from the city is a great chance to watch the skies, and you can do some serious stargazing at Mount Wrightson Wilderness, Arizona. High on the tree-free summit you can see the Milky Way like you’ve never seen it before. For the best rest and relaxation mixed into your adventure, consider the many islands and trails of Hawaii.

Whether you want to see the view from the highest peak or you want to find fun trails that also lead to the best eateries, your outdoor adventure is waiting for you. Traveling alone or with friends and family, getting out in nature is surely the best way to appreciate it. From Alaska to Virginia and many places between, the US is full of excitement and wonder.