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Making of a Successful Web Design

Making of a Successful Web Design

Website is now a necessity and Web Design is now considered not a part of advertisement but an investment. The Website needs to survive and to be successful in the world of internet has to generate revenue. The success of the website depends on the extent to which it penetrates the market and reaches the prospective buyers.

The making of a successful website involves six components or phases. These phases are as follows.

Strategic Phase:

This phase is mainly about study of the business and its environment. It includes study and analysis of the competition, study of the other websites of the same industry on the internet, the opportunities, limiting factors, and ways of communication with the prospective buyers. this phase includes the examination of choosing they type of applications, the trend of websites and market, features to be included in the website and functionalities to be offered. The objective of the website is to be decided. The information that is to be shared with the website visitors is also decided during this phase. It is in this phase the flowchart and dead line of time duration for the web design is decided.

Creative Phase:

This phase gives the form to the website. The content and the layout of the website is determined in this phase. The text content and visual content are created in such a way that the website becomes appealing to the visitor. When the website is ready and to be made public, it is the responsibility of the text content and visual content to convince and convert the visitor into buyer and generate revenue. It is creativity that makes the website appealing. The layout of the content and the pages should be such that the visitor finds it easy to navigate through the website and quickly finds what he/she wants.

Technical Phase:

This is the phase wherein the content is coded and made ready for launching on the internet. The technical phase puts life into the web design. The functionality and applications are activated. All the technicalities are handled during this phase.

Review Phase:

This is the penultimate phase before the website becomes live on the internet. This is the phase in which the website is ready but needs to be tested. The web design service provider uploads the website on its local server and sees its performance. This stage is very crucial because after you have give approval the website will directly go for registration and hosting on the internet. The overall layout and the functionalities of the website are given the final touches before making the website live.

SEO phase:

This phase relates to search engine optimization and making the website feature on the top of the search engine list. SEO depends on inclusion of the keywords, keyword phrases, in coming links, outgoing links, regular updating, easy navigation and even the downloading time. For an intelligent web designer, SEO starts when the content is being prepared and never stops, even after the website is made live on the internet.

A professional web design service provider should be conversant with all the phases and the relevance of each for making the website a successful venture.