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LV-S-USMDP – SILICONE NEON FLEX SERIES – OML TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM.Automated Malware Analysis Report for replace.me – Generated by Joe Sandbox

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In the northern and southern parts of the then needed to reproduce the surface displace- T52 image a long wavelength residual signal is ments. Interferogram T95 also shows an case. Model predictions for the T52 and T95 interferograms A,B calculated from the distributed slip models Fig.

One col- or fringe corresponds to 2. Observed yellow and predicted orange GPS displacements are shown in A. Surface ruptures are shown with white lines. The upper edges of the uniform slip model fault planes are shown with pink lines. Discussion 3. Slip distribution resolution The resolution of our distributed slip solutions 4. Aftershocks and surface rupture was examined through various checkerboard tests.

Simulated data sets with added noise were in- Approximately aftershock hypocenters lo- verted for distributed slip, simultaneously on cated by the South Iceland Lowland network, be- both faults, as in the modeling.

The results show tween June 16 and November 22, were used that slip is best resolved in the uppermost 5 km. The distributions of after- spatial coverage of the June 21 event. Below 5 km, shock locations agree well with the extent of fault the inversion procedure smears high slip in the slip on both of the modeled fault planes Fig. The upper crust between 2 and 3 km thick, a middle estimated location of the June 17 fault model is crust 3 to 4.

The upper crust consists of subaeri- plane through the aftershocks. The strike of the ally extruded lavas, showing increased secondary plane estimated from the aftershock distribution mineralization with depth.

The lower limits velocity. Of particular interest are the subsurface structures The areas of maximum slip in our models cor- in the complex area south of the June 21 epicen- respond to the complete extent of the middle and ter, where an approximately m long, left-lat- upper crust.

On both the modeled faults more eral, ENE trending segment of up to 2. In general, good depth. A layered crustal model may tend to yield correlation exists between the most extensive and a distribution with more slip at depth e. It personal communication, Slip distribution and crustal layering et al.

An important factor determining the max- checkerboard tests suggest that large slip at depth, imum earthquake magnitude possible in the SISZ if it occurred, would lead to an overestimate of may not only be the complete thickness of the the depth to the lower edge of the modeled fault brittle regime, but also the total thickness of the planes. As mentioned above, the extent of the upper and middle crust, as this is the section most fault slip is well correlated with the distribution apt to generate large displacements.

If slip is focused east than the events, presumably in an area above 6 km depth it has important implications with thicker upper and middle crustal layers, for earthquakes in the SISZ. If this is a real feature of the SISZ, e. The recent 3-D study by Allen et detailed mapping of crustal layering will be im- al.

Icelandic crust ranges between 15 and 46 km, but due to the frequency window used in the 4. Triggering and energy release study local details are not visible. We prefer this explanation to the little as 0. A ure calculations show that stress changes caused et al.

In addition, a consid- uted model obtained in this study. Co-seismic and post-seismic water level future June 21 event by about 0. A co-seismic water lev- The historical seismicity in the SISZ has re- el change of more than 50 m was recorded on leased geometric moment at the rate of 1.

Since and a 0. Hence, we can the duration of the observed post-seismic ground use this same value as the rate of strain accumu- movements. The poro-elastic response due to re- lation. According to our preferred models the to- adjustment of the hydrological systems in the area tal geometric moment released by the two main has been modeled in an associated study [44]. Conclusions earthquake in From to activity in the seismic zone was low. The main events in We have estimated the fault geometry and slip the June sequence only released stress in the distribution for two June MW 6.

Both earthquakes can be the occurrence of the earthquake. Further approximated by simple planar faults. Our results show that the two right-lateral 4. Post-seismic deformation strike-slip earthquakes are very similar. This is consistent with the post-seismic deformation took place in the vicin- interpretation of the SISZ as an area of bookshelf ity of the fault activated on June The geodetic with signs opposite to those observed for the co- moments and slip distribution with depth are also seismic signal.

A similar pattern of post-seismic similar for the two events. There is no geodetic evidence poro-elastic rebound model of the crust caused that brittle fracturing during the MW 6. Einarsson, J. This corresponds to only a fraction [7] I. Bjarnason, P.

Cowie, M. Anders, L. Seeber, C. Linde, R. Sacks, Strain the coming years or decades. Dziewonski, G. Ekstrom, N. Earth Planet. We would like to thank Sverrir Gu[mundsson [10] R. Gu[mundsson, P. Clifton, P. Einarsson, Styles of surface rupture ac- kindly provided preliminary earthquake locations. Flovenz, K. Saemundsson, E. Ei- tures. Pedersen, G.

Pagli, R. Pedersen, F. Sigmundsson, K. Einarsson, K. Erlingsson, P. Einarsson, Distance changes in the Th. Bo«[varsson, R. Slunga, P. Einarsson, S. Gudmundsson, P. Bungum, S. Gregersen, J. Havskov, J.

Heinert, C. Vo«lksen, Crustal deformation Hjelme, H. Bjo«rnsson, G. Foulger, R. Feigl, T. Sigmundsson, P. Einarsson, R. Bilham, E. Sturkell, [19] B. Hernandez, F. Cotton, M. Geo- [32] S. Feigl, F. Sarti, H.

Vadon, S. Mclusky, S. Ergintav, Ph. Bu«rgmann, A. Rigo, D. Massonnet, R. Reilinger, Es- pp. Zebker, P. Segall, F. Amelung, Fault slip [34] R. Harris, P. Segall, Detection of a locked zone at distribution of the Mw7. Lawson, R. Hanson, Solving Least Squares Prob- Massonnet, K. Feigl, Radar interferometry and its [36] R. Cattin, P. Briole, H. Lyon-Caen, P. Bernard, P. Feigl, J. Gasperi, F. Sigmundsson, A. Rigo, Crustal Geophys. Gunnarsson, Seismic crustal structure [25] U.

Hugentobler, S. Schaer, P. Berne, Berne, Bjarnason, W. Caress, To- [26] S. Gudmundsson, J. Carstensen, F. Sigmundsson, Un- mographic image of the mid-Atlantic plate boundary in wrapping ground displacement signals in satellite radar Southwestern Iceland, J.

Remote Sens. Menke, V. Levin, Cold crust in a hot spot, Geophys. Zebker, Y. Lu, Phase unwrapping algorithms for [41] R. Allen, G. Nolet, W. Jason Morgan, K. Vogfjo«rd, radar interferometry: residue-cut, least-squares, and syn- M.

Nettles, G. Ekstro«m, B. Bergsson, P. Erlendsson, thesis algorithms, J. Foulger, S. Julian, M. Pritchard, [28] S. Ragnarsson, R. B8 , Okada, Surface deformation due to shear and tensile [42] M. Simons, Y. Fialko, L. Rivera, Co-seismic deformation faults in a half-space, Bull. Cervelli, M. Murray, P. Segall, Y. Aoki, T. Kato, J. Estimating source parameters from deformation data, [44] S.

Segall, R. Seismicity induced by seasonal groundwater recharge at Mt. Hood, Oregon. Geodynamic signals detected by geodetic methods in Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research Coseismic stress changes and crustal deformation on the Reykjanes Peninsula due to triggered earthquakes on 17 June Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research Deflation of the Askja volcanic system: Constraints on the deformation source from combined inversion of satellite radar interferograms and GPS measurements.

Seismicity in Iceland monitored by the SIL seismic system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters Active displacement field in the Suez—Sinai area: the role of postseismic deformation. Terra Nova Loading of a seismic zone to failure deforms nearby volcanoes: a new earthquake precursor.



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