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Lake Lanier Camping is Now Safe and Clean

Lake Lanier Camping is Now Safe and Clean

Georgians need to take a close look at the camping opportunities that are available at Lake Lanier, Ga. There was a time several years ago when camping at this lake was down right dangerous. The campgrounds were not monitored and I have even heard that back in the day, there were many park rangers that wouldn’t even enter into some of the campground areas after dark for fear of violence. There were real problems with wild folks drinking to extreme, doing drugs, and making the Lake Lanier campgrounds generally an unfit destination for most families.

I would like to announce that the entire campground roster at Lake Lanier Ga. has been completely turned around. It’s my understanding that this huge change was brought on by none other than the Georgia state Governor Sonny Purdue, which I understand told the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers to clean it up or else.

Now the campgrounds are unbelievably safe, clean, and quiet. These forced changes have made camping at Lake Lanier a healthy and enjoyable family experience. I understand that there is no alcohol allowed in any of the campgrounds, and now there are guarded gates at every entrance, and a camp host on site to strictly enforce any campers that get out of hand.

I have camped at four of the main seven campgrounds over the last few weeks, and I can tell you, it was perfect. The bathhouses were clean and well kept, the streets and campsites were clean and well maintained, and around ten or ten thirty at night, about all I heard was crickets and bull frogs croaking. For me, clean safe and quiet make the perfect camping trip.

So if you were ever concerned with what you may experience with taking your family camping here, be concerned no more. Trust me when I say that camping at any of the Lake Lanier campgrounds is now a safe, clean, and enjoyable option to consider for your family getaways.