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Indian Summer Is Here! Get Out and Enjoy It!

Indian Summer Is Here! Get Out and Enjoy It!

During the cold winter months we all sit inside and look outside. Day dreaming about spending a warm summer day outside, enjoying the sun and everything the outdoors has to offer us. Now that the end of summer is near, don’t miss these last chances to have some fun outdoors! There are so many activities you can do that are fun and won’t empty your wallet.

Spend a weekend day outside with your family. The best thing to do with your family is simply go on a picnic. Make some sandwiches at home and pack it all up and head to a local park. If you want to get away from the metro areas, try a rural hotspot like a lakeside park or campground. Picnics offer a chance to do more than just eating a meal outside. You can go for hikes, explore nature trails; sneak up on some wildlife. If you are near a lake or stream, try your hand at fishing. Kids love to fish; it is a great way to share a family moment together. You could jump in for a swim to cool off. The possibilities for fun on a picnic are endless.

Take the idea of a picnic one step further and take the family camping. Camping is a fun and inexpensive way to get away from home with the entire family without having to spend a fortune. Think of it as an overnight picnic. You can do the same activities together as I listed above for picnicking. Another good thing about a family camping trip is the peace and quiet, no busy schedule, no ringing phones (hopefully), it is just you and your family and the great outdoors.

Plan a back yard event. Such as a cook out. Or plan a volleyball game. Invite your friends and family. These activities take a little more planning but can be fun for a lot of people so it makes the effort worth it.

Another popular summer time activity is to travel to local or distant attractions such as historical or geographical locations. “Touristy places”, if you will. These types of places offer an element of entertainment value and also they can be educational. These are great things to check out in the summer months because many are closed in the colder times of the year.

This one may sound like more work than fun but it actually can be quiet relaxing. Start a garden in your yard. This is something that the whole family can do or you can do it alone. Alone is the way to go if you’re looking to relax because some of your family members might not agree with your choice of gardening as a form of summer entertainment. Plant things that you will enjoy when they have matured. Flowering plants and vegetables are gardener’s favorites.

As I am sure you know there are many things you can do to get outside and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. I just wanted to remind you of a few so you do not forget to get outside this summer.