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How to Be Safer When Camping Out in a Tent

How to Be Safer When Camping Out in a Tent

Many people like to camp. While there are those who tend to be a bit more rugged than others while camping, most use a tent during these types of trips. Generally speaking there aren’t any issues when sleeping in a tent that come up, but there are some safety tips that you do need to be aware of when camping like this.

First of all, never use things inside the tent that you should not be using. A very common problem is that someone decides to use a lantern inside the tent. These are not made for indoor use and the inside of a tent is still considered to be indoors. Do not use this type of device inside the tent for lighting. Instead use something like a flash light which will be much safer.

Some might want to stay warm inside a tent. There are two things that people do for heat that jeopardizes safety. The first is putting the tent closer to the fire. The logic is that you will be warmer. The problem is that the tent has a much higher chance of going up in flames. Even tents that are treated against fires tend to burn up quickly. You do not want to be inside when this happens.

At other times for heat people use things like propane heaters. You should not do this in most circumstances because there can be emissions from these that are not safe to breath. Be careful with these types of devices and don’t use them improperly especially if they are not designed for indoor use.

If you have bears or other animals in the area, don’t sleep with food inside your tent. This is going to attract trouble that you really don’t want to have. Store this away in sealed containers in a car or make a bear bag to prevent these types of issues.