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Heroes of might and magic 2 free download pc

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Heroes of might and magic 2 free download pc

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Firstly, throughout the campaign, different decisions are made by the player. This will slightly alter the history and lead to changes in the missions that are faced according to the chosen scenario.

All of this brings a very high level of repetition in which the player is encouraged to start the same campaign again. Another addition to the franchise was the possibility of improving structures, which allows the appearance of several enhanced troops at the player’s disposal. Besides the four existing classes of heroes, we now have the Necromancer and the Wizard.

All six types of heroes also received improvements: they now have different secondary skills that distinguish them from each other more and more as the game progresses. The graphic part of the adventure is one of its highlights. The colors are very vivid and stand out at all times. Each character is drawn in a very distinctive way. Their colors are designed so that they do not blend into an environment that is already striking.

Although there are some arid areas with a predominance of brown, forests and lakes are an essential part of the game, giving a fundamental role to green and blue. The controls and interface of all screens are as simple as they can be.

If you are the type who hates spending time reading the manual rather than playing the game, the kind who just likes to jump in, you will be pretty happy with Heroes II. Everything is completely intuitive. Part of the fun to newcomers of Heroes of Might and Magic is learning the simplicity of the interface.

If you’ve played Heroes I , the controls and layout are virtually the same with only a few minor aesthetic changes. The graphics for Heroes II are excellent and add to the overall feel of the game.

They have improved greatly from Heroes I , but still have a similar feel. Everything is crisp and sharp with more detail than before. The colors have more of a holiday feel to them than a cartoonish or a hi-tech feel, which makes this game a perfect holiday gift or treat. This may sound like an odd comparison, but playing the original Heroes I reminded me of the feeling I had playing the children’s board game Candyland when I was a kid.

Heroes II is a magical game, to say the least. Pointing your hero across the land to pick up treasure after treasure is quite a treat.

Pure eye candy. Heroes II has all of this and plenty more. Along with the light, magical atmosphere of the original we are now treated, also, to the gloomy mood of the dark side, which almost has a Tim Burton feel to it — think Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice.

Instead of having the same border theme as in the original, you can now choose a dark or light theme which is different enough to give a slightly different feel to the interface. The dark side is cold and metallic, while the light side is warm and golden. Increasing the size of the landscape and decreasing the size of the objects on screen was a good way for the Heroes II design team to go as well. It makes things a bit sharper and hence more enticing. There just seem to be more treats to discover here than in the original.

I only get a samll window. Thank you. Is this per chance an outdated GOG version? Description System Requirements Game Media. Chose your allegiance and take what is rightfully Yours! ScreenShots from the Game:. With a turn based battle system, the dated graphics are less impactful on the solid gameplay. Heroes Of Might And Magic 2: Gold does a fantastic job of managing a difficulty curve, with many dedicated fans playing to this day.

With the gold edition including the expansion and soundtrack, this is a great entry point for interested gamers. Considered by the fans to be the best in the series and contender for best strategy game overall , Heroes Of Might And Magic 2: Gold still feels fresh and engaging to this day.

While slightly outdated in terms of overall look and sound, the game’s wide praise and active community highlight the quality of this cult gem.

Fans of the strategy genre will love this game while some less experienced gamers may be unable to scratch beneath the dated exterior.


Heroes of might and magic 2 free download pc.Heroes of Might and Magic II

Simply put, the gameplay is addicting.


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The game literally locked me out of my own computer. The advantage is that you can take as much time as you need on strategy without having to worry about the enemy attacking or building forces while you think. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm donwload update продолжить чтение status.