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Graphic Gigs: Should You Start Your Own Business or Find a Hiring Company?

Graphic Gigs: Should You Start Your Own Business or Find a Hiring Company?

Do you have a passion for or a hobby for graphic design? If so, did you know that passion or hobby could be turned into a profitable career? It can be! In fact, you have a number of options when looking to make this happen. You could start your own business or apply with a company who is looking to hire a full-time or part-time graphic designer. So which approach is the best?

When it comes to deciding how you should proceed, it is important to take your personal preferences into consideration. Would you prefer to be in complete control? Would you like to pick and choose which projects you accept or which clients you work with? If so, running your own business would be best. Would you prefer to just do the job and get paid? Would you prefer to have a steady stream of income each week? If so, applying for full-time or part-time jobs as a graphic designer is your best option.

It is also important to note that both of your choices have their pros and cons. In fact, lets take a look at them now.

Starting Your Own Business

The Pros: You are able to decide which graphic design gigs you want to accept. You are your own boss; therefore, you have the deciding factor. A project look to hard or boring? Simply tell the client you are unable to take on the project now. Being your own boss is also nice in that you are able to set you own deadlines. While your clients can offer suggestions, you have the ability as your business owner to say “okay” or “I need more time.” This freedom and control is nice.

Moreover, most freelancers are able to work from home.

The Cons: While it is beneficial to be in control of your own business, it does have its cons as well. You are in control; it can work either way. You are required to find your own graphic design gigs. You can do this by having a website, marketing yourself online, marketing yourself to local businesses, and so forth. Basically, you will be performing a wide range of tasks (advertising and marketing) in addition to the actual designing.

Working Full-Time or Part-Time For A Company

The Pros: When a company hires you as a full-time or part-time worker, you are hired as an employee. When owning your business and freelancing, you are nothing more than a contractor worker. Being an actual employee tends to qualify for you for benefits (health and vacation). You are also on a more set schedule, which does translate into more guaranteed pay for you.

The Cons: Just like in a traditional job, you are given a series of project to work by your supervisor. You do not have the freedom to turn down a graphic design gig if it were too hard or not challenging enough (as you would if you were a business owner).

So there you have it! You got the pros and cons of starting your own graphic design gig or finding a full or part-time job in graphic design. Why not consider each of your options. For example, look for full-time or part-time jobs. If you do not find any, consider starting your own business on a freelance basis or visa versa.