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Graphic Design Online – The Educational Demands

Graphic Design Online – The Educational Demands

The diverse field of graphic design provides a wide range of career opportunities to the educated artist. Many online schools offer degree and certificate programs for graphic design that will have students using artistic procedures to create different forms of visual communication and presentation.

Individuals who are comfortable with computers and love to draw might find their passion within this degree distinction. Students will work with electronic media, film, and print to gain the skills needed to complete their prospective job responsibilities. Graphic designers have a wide range of job activities that include creating business logos, layout and design of newspapers, magazines, brochures for marketing purposes, Internet graphics, advertising, and much more.

Individuals have a couple of degree options to ponder before choosing which school to attend. Most online schools for this area of education offer an associate and bachelor degree in graphic design. Certification can also be earned from a number of other online institutions. The degree distinction chosen will determine how long a program is and what courses are required. For example, certificate programs will vary in length depending on what skill an individual is trying to obtain. However, it is common for an individual to complete a certificate program faster than an associate degree program. A certificate program usually requires around 60 to 80 credit hours and can take as little as six months to complete. A certificate is awarded once a student has passed an exam or reached a certain level of knowledge.

Some Associate of Science degree programs in graphic design may require students to complete approximately 90 credit hours. Credit hours can be higher depending on the school. If enrolled in a 90 credit hour program a student will on average take 15 to 16 credit hours per semester. The program may include a course on corporate design, which would include topics on trademarks, branding, online presence design, and logo design. This course is essential for the individual who wants to work for a business or corporation as a member of their graphic design team.

An online bachelor program typically requires a student to complete around 180 credit hours. The credit hours will be broken down into different computer program courses, techniques, and more. Courses may include web design, which will prepare students to use graphic design online. This type of course would teach students design principles for screen layouts, interactive interfaces for web sites, graphics, and more. Students would learn the basics for standard design programs.

Most associate and bachelor degree programs require students to have a high school diploma or the equivalent prior to admission into the program. Prospective students may also be required to take an online orientation course. This course allows students to become familiar with online procedures and prepares them to be active learners through their online studies.

Graphic designers are always needed in advertising, publishing, and design firms. With a positive employment outlook and the increasing number of accredited training programs available online, gaining an education is easier than ever. Search for an online graphic design program that provides the education you need and start your career in design today.

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