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Graphic Design: Do I Need a Professional Logo Design for My Business? And How Much Should It Cost?

Graphic Design: Do I Need a Professional Logo Design for My Business? And How Much Should It Cost?

Well, to answer the 1st question, yes.

A logo is the front of any business, look around you in your everyday life and you will see logo’s, from McDonalds to Apple. A logo is the very first thing people see when enquiring about your business and services, so it needs to speak a lot about you.

A professionally designed logo by a graphic designer will be a step in the right direction, your logo needs to be fresh, unique and inviting, and most importantly, modern and long lasting.

A logo should be memorable too, when you think of famous brand names, you instantly think of their logo, so it is very important you get it right.

When you are in the process of getting your Logo designed by a Graphic Designer it is important you provide clear and concise feedback during the creative process, and it pays to listen to your designer, they know best and have years of experience.

There are lots of different design companies out there, all with various price ranges. The price of your logo has a great effect on the quality of the logo, I really don’t think Nike paid someone $50 to design theirs, so you have to bare that in mind when choosing. Research all the companies who will design within your budget, have a look at their portfolios, have a look at their client comments, and most importantly try and get a feel for the company, you just know inside when you cannot trust someone.

So onto the 2nd question, how much should your logo cost?

This depends highly on your budget, but be careful, some graphic designers will charge enormous amounts of money for a logo design you could have paid less for with a different designer.

Typically, logo designs can range from $50 right up to $500 and more, but if you are a start up company looking for a cool logo to kick start you business, then I highly recommend setting your budget at $80-$150, anything below $80 and you will be looking at rather a cheap and unprofessionally designed logo.

So we have outlined that a good looking professionally designed logo is very important for you business’s image, and that budget has a very high factor on how the final logo will turn out, but if you stick to that budget of 80-150 you should get a low cost, but professional logo design.