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Freelance Graphic Design and Writing Made Easy – Part 1

Freelance Graphic Design and Writing Made Easy – Part 1

If you’re thinking about going freelance (or if you already are freelance and are not experiencing the success you desire), the most important first step to change is taking a good honest look at your own beliefs around the subject. Negative beliefs can prevent many of us from making what could ultimately be a highly rewarding lifestyle change.

The specific thing that keeps many people from successfully making the leap to self-employment is usually fear.

Fear can stand in the way of making a change in your lifestyle. And it can stand in the way of your success if you do make a change.

Fear is usually directly connected to our beliefs. For example, if I believe that the competition in the freelance market is cut-throat, and that I’m going to have to work like crazy to survive, then I’m probably going to be a little scared about going freelance.

If, on the other hand, I believe that it’s easy to thrive as a freelancer as long as I have the right tools, and if I believe my skills are far superior to the competition, my fear is going to be minimized.

Here is a simple 4 step process to get you to explore your beliefs around freelancing, and help you take your first step on the road to being a highly successful freelancer.

Step 1 – Open your mind (and a blank page)

To get started, open a new document in your favorite word processing application. At the top of this document write: My beliefs about freelancing

Step 2 – Explore the barriers

First we’re going to explore any negative beliefs you have around going freelance that might be holding you back.

Under your header, write: Freelancing is going to be difficult because…

Then write as many sentences as you can that complete this thought. Write about all the negative things you’ve heard people say, or that you’ve read about going freelance. Write whatever is in your mind that is standing in the way of you boldly and confidently going freelance.

Step 3 – Break it down

Now put every item you just listed on a separate line. Feel free to format this into a numbered list.

Take a look at each item, and notice how each one makes you feel. Most likely, a lot of the things you listed are beliefs or ideas that are causing you fear around going freelance, or standing in the way of your success if you already are freelance.

Examine your list, and begin to consider that none of the things on this list are inherently true.

Step 4 – Turn that frown upside down

Now, write a new header that says: Freelancing is going to be easy because…

For each item on your original list, write a corresponding item here that counteracts the item on your original list.

For example, if I wrote, “Freelancing is going to be hard because, there’s so much competition and I’ll have to work so hard to get clients,” now I might right, “Freelancing is going to be easy because there are so many people that need my skills, and potential clients are everywhere and especially easy to find thanks to the internet.”

Use your imagination, and see if you can replace every item on your original list with an item on this list that inspires you, motivates you, and gives you confidence to go freelance.


This article will be the first in a series about going freelance. Later, we’ll get into the practical side of freelancing.

We’ve started here because your beliefs will create an important foundation that will determine not just whether or not you will succeed, but how much you will enjoy the journey of becoming self-employed.

With the right beliefs around freelancing, you will take actions with confidence, and as a result you will thrive!