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Flyer Templates – Most Popular Elements of Design

Flyer Templates – Most Popular Elements of Design

When beginning the process of designing a flyer for your event or small business, there are a few design elements that should be kept in mind. Even those who have no sort of graphic design background can successfully pull together an eye-catching flyer with the use of flyer templates. These are conveniently available for download online, but they will not do all the work for you. While serving as a structure, you can still add in your own creative input into this shell. This helps keep the flyer looking professional, even if it is designed at home on a desktop publishing program by the most amateur of designers.

Images are one of the most important aspects of flyer design. This is what the eye of the viewer is drawn to first, followed by your headline. To this end, flyer templates will include a good portion of space that is open for your own images, or they will conversely provide image suggestions or graphics that can help support your message. Borders can help give definition to the flyer, and bold graphic shapes can help set off the text that falls in front of or to the side of it.

Keeping your words down to the most essential and effective is a big tool that will help ensure that people keep looking at your flyer and don’t get bored with it. The mistake that many promoters or small businesses make is putting too much effort into this initial copy. Less is more when it comes to a flyer advertisement. Most flyer templates will reflect this, with a minimal amount of space for the text itself. Research shows that you only have a matter of seconds to capture a viewer’s attention, so make sure your words are bold and make the statement that you really want them to make.

All of these elements can work together beautifully when kept consistent. That is where the flyer templates come in handy, giving you some idea of what the different structures of flyer design are out there, and how they can work for you. Keeping in mind that the fonts and lettering should be consistent with the tone of the images is all important to make the difference between a finished product that looks professionally printed or not. Above all, it’s important to keep your theme in mind from the conception to the finished product, to make sure there is a clear message conveyed in the flyer.