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Eight Most Common Logo Design Mistakes

Eight Most Common Logo Design Mistakes

Design of logos is an important part of graphic designing industry. We all know that the purpose of the logo is to represent the company visually. A good logo design is often the first step towards achieving brand recognition, not just in the real world but also on the World Wide Web. But designing isn’t an easy task. Below is the list of common mistakes that graphic design designers must try and avoid to create a logo that would not only be appealing but would also fulfill its intended purpose:

• Obscure Design – It’s is very important for a designer to make sure that the design of logos must convey the appropriate message to the viewer. An unsure or indefinite design can harm the image of an organization.

• Clich?�d and Unoriginal design – It’s essential for a logo to be unique as it represents you and your company. Avoid using stock images as it renders the purpose of logos designing irrelevant.

• Rookie Designer – Logo is an important step in achieving brand identification. One must hire only professional graphic design designers for the job. An amateur design could harm the image of the company and its products.

• Following trends – Don’t be a follower of trends. Trends are short-lived but your logo has a long term purpose. Always keep in mind that it’s difficult to change the logo once you are out in the market. Also, there could be so many people following the similar trends and more often than not, could come up with an idea which is similar to yours.

• Avoid raster images – Raster or bit map images are made up of pixels and are not scalable.

• Avoid complicated designs – Complicated logo design would do nothing but confuse the viewer and make it difficult for her to recall the design. Keep your corporate logos design simple.

• Color issue – Firstly, don’t be overly dependent on colors for your logo but if you must then make sure that the color combination delights your target audience.

• Avoid too many typestyles – Using too many fonts would confuse your audience visually. Designers generally prefer no more than two font types for creating logos designs.