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Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Graphics

Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Graphics

Using vehicle graphics can be a powerful method of advertising if done properly. Many companies use vehicle graphics such as tradesmen, delivery vehicles and repairmen. With these types of vehicles on the road so much, the potential to be seen is huge. The look of the vehicle gives a first impression and tells customers what kind of company they are dealing with.

Marketing Strategy

Targeting the message to everyone will result in the graphics not appealing to anyone. As in all types of marketing, first identify the target market and then appeal to them. Tell them what your solution is to their problem. Ignore those not in the target market.

Just Enough Information

Putting too little information on vehicle graphics means potential customers can’t find the company when they need it. Putting too much can also be detrimental. Too much information can overwhelm potential customers and they will ignore the entire message.

Use An Attractive Design

Many companies don’t think they need an attractive design for tradesman vehicles, but it is important considering the target market is a homeowner. A graphic or logo isn’t always needed, but if opting for just text, the font, colour, placement and size of the text is very important. An attractive design can be made with just letters and a company logo.

Think Of Vehicle Graphic As An Investment

The price of graphics can vary a lot, so it’s important to know your budget. The design of the graphics and the installation will be the largest expense. Spend as much as the company can afford to get the best design available. The graphics will be on the vehicle for years, so it’s essential to get the best look and installation that budget allows.

Tell People What You Do

Graphics should educate the customer. It’s not enough to have just the company name. Also tell potential customers what the company does and why this company is the best. Having too little information will leave customers confused and frustrated.

Using vehicle graphics can be a powerful mode of advertising. The design and presentation of the graphics are very important to portray the right message. Give your customers enough information so they know what the company does and how to contact them, but don’t give too much information to confuse the customer. Keep in might the target market and make the graphic appeal to them in under three seconds.