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Custom Vehicle Graphics – What to Know About an Attractive Design!

Custom Vehicle Graphics – What to Know About an Attractive Design!

What are custom vehicle graphics?

Imagine that you’re walking down the street and all of the sudden a van drives by with a beautiful lady or handsome man smiling and waving to you so clearly that it looks like their oversize bodies are actually coming to life off the van. Imagine next to them they’re holding a product that your company offers, or pointing to it, and behind them is an attractive and mind-blowing scenery that pulls your eyes deeper into the design.

The breath next to their lips shows you that it’s cool, and their hair waving behind them shows you they’re moving in the wind. The next part that sucks your eyes in is a list of services offered that you can use and finally at the last glance before the van drives out of site you see the phone number or website long enough to grab your phone and jot it down. That is what we call custom vehicle graphics!

It is proven, time and time again, that an attractive design is more powerful than a non-attractive design. Why do large companies spend so much time on designing their advertisements? It’s because they know the power of an attractive design. If a picture is worth 1000 words, than a good custom design is worth 1000 clients, or more!

When developing a branding strategy it’s very important that every aspect of your target market is taken into account. If you’re selling a product like skateboards targeting mostly males from ages 18-35, than you wouldn’t want to develop a branding strategy around a 45 year old stay at home mom, unless you creatively tied her into as the cool mom that allows her kid to skateboard.

If you’re selling skateboards, the first step would be to build a brand around one of the leaders in the skateboard industry like Paul Rodriguez or Chris Cole. Get the copyrights to be able to use one of their images in your design, which could be done by sponsoring them or negotiating with their agents, or if your budget is tight, than use an image of a skateboarder that looks like one of them, and build your brand around the style of that person. Branding strategies and graphic design have many details we don’t have time to fully discuss here. Discussing branding strategies could go on in more articles, but for now let’s keep it simple and direct to vehicle graphics.

So how do you know what is considered an attractive design? It’s actually very simple. You know when custom vehicle graphics have an attractive design, because it attracts you! There is something in graphic design called blind spots. Most people don’t know about blind spots, and typically the only people that can distinguish them are very experienced graphic designers, or very well trained highly paid graphic designers for large marketing companies. Fortunately we know about blind spots and can discuss them with you. When you have a blind spot in the design of custom vehicle graphics, you lose the attraction of the power of the design. If you only move an image or some font a little in one direction, believe it or not, it can change the entire blind spot and make the design powerfully attractive.

When deciding whether to go with an attractive custom vehicle graphics design, or a basic template vehicle graphic design, we always recommend to go with the custom one, even if it costs a little more, because remember, in the long run the design of your vehicle graphics is what’s going to determine how many new phone calls you get from your van wrap, truck wrap or car wrap.