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Canvas Camping Tents – So Many Uses

Canvas Camping Tents – So Many Uses

Camping is a great American pastime. It is a way to get back to basics and truly experience all that nature has to offer. The experience as a whole encompasses a range of activities that could include hiking, biking, canoeing and fishing. Such an adventure involves at least one night spent in the great outdoors, often even more. This does not mean you must give up all the amenities of home. Some sites offer cabins and some people have recreational vehicles. Shelter can be had even in the most remote locations through the use of canvas camping tents.

Canvas camping tents are basically a shelter made up of canvas draped and connected in some way to a framework of poles and ropes. Larger versions also usually have some type of anchoring mechanism. Sizes range from those that will accommodate just one person to those used as barracks, such as in the military, with room for many people. Tents for use in a recreational setting can be categorized in two basic ways. They are either small and light enough to be carried in a back pack or they are large and heavy enough to require some sort of vehicular transportation to the pitch site.

Tents can be constructed of different materials. Canvas camping tents are made of cotton. This fabric is advantageous because it is water resistant and holds up well over time. Cotton is also incredibly strong. Nylon, felt and polyester are other typically used fabrics. Water resistance is often a major consideration in construction and development. It is measured in terms of the water pressure needed to penetrate. A rating system has been developed to help consumers know how water resistant a given tent may be. Other considerations when shopping for a tent include a desire for windows. If insects are a consideration, windows should have some sort of mesh protector.

Canvas camping tents are primarily used for recreational camping but they do have uses beyond that as well. Their history includes use by nomadic people throughout the world. Military uses are common because of their quick setup times and ease of use. They are also useful in times of crisis. Various emergency response organizations have used them for command posts, triage and shelter. The cotton material is particularly desirable in areas where breathability is desired along with protection from the elements.