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Camping Tents – Your Home Away From Home

Camping Tents – Your Home Away From Home

Tents for Camping are a Necessity

When the call of the wilderness beckons you to the great outdoors, choosing the right tent can either fill your trip with fond memories or ruin the whole experience. Whether or not you are a first time camper or have years of experience under your belt, finding a tent that meets your needs is the first step to a great camping trip.

Because tents act as your home away from home, both comfort and durability go hand in hand when making a choice of which tent is right for you. Capacity, destination and season are also important factors.

Most tents are categorized by their capacity. For example, one-person tents or six person tents are available. Even though you may only be camping with 2 people, a two-person tent may seem cramped when all of your gear is packed in and you are waiting out a storm. The general rule of tents is to buy slightly larger than your need.

The next step is to choose a tent that will fit your destination and the seasons you plan on using it for. A three season tent is designed for a moderate late spring to early fall temperature range. Whereas, a four season tent is constructed to withstand extreme cold and harsher conditions, but may get a little stuffy in the heat of summer.

The weight of your tent is also an important factor. If you plan on carrying your tent any length of distance, opting for a lightweight product is your best bet. However, if you are not hiking or cycling, a slightly heavier tent may be a less expensive option.

In addition to the basics, there are many features available for your tent that can enhance your camping experience. For instance, the added privacy of separate rooms within your tent may allow for family members to have their own space, while keeping everyone together.

Many tents now come equipped with mesh panels in the door and roof to let fresh air in while keeping pesky bugs out. Other options include reinforced seams and zippers as well as ripstop fabric for long lasting durability.

North Face, Marmot and Black Diamond are all great brand choices for camping tents. They combine high quality materials with competitive pricing as well as many of the desirable features mentioned above.

Some specific models include The North Face Rock 32 Bx 2 person tent, Marmot’s Hacienda 6 person tent, and Black Diamond’s Skylight 2-3 person tent.

The Rock is a lightweight and easy to set up tent made with very breathable material. A unique bonus feature of this tent it its innovative mesh gear loft and abundant vestibule space, perfect for storing gear in a dry environment. The tent is ideal for two and is perfect for hiking, cycling or mountain climbing.

The Hacienda, which literally means a “large estate” is the perfect family tent. With customizable features such as removable doormats, hanging pocket organizers and room dividers in addition to color coded “easy pitch clips and poles, this tent allows for camping ease no matter how many people you bring.

The Skylight’s cutting-edge hybrid design allows you to feel warm and secure on those frigid nights; yet due to the zipped fly and ventilation panels, even in the hottest weather, you can retain your cool. The waterproof fabric also keeps you dry even when mother nature has other plans.

Whether you plan on taking your tent into the depths of winter or the heat of summer, choose carefully and camp well.