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Best Time to Get the Cheapest Airfare

Airfare prices can be affected by many factors. Well, those of you who like to travel must really understand the gap. Don’t just rely on promo codes that sometimes don’t have significant discounts, or wait for discounts from travel fairs that aren’t always available.

RedDoorz has given tricks to get cheapest airfare, including online hunting using private mode, as well as taking advantage of free points from various merchants.

In addition to the factors mentioned in the tips in the article above, the price of airline tickets can also be influenced by the time of purchase, you know. Curious more about how? Check it out below!

1. Choosing the Right Time to Get the Cheapest Airfare

According to related experts from three different sources, there are special times when your chances of getting cheap airline tickets are even greater, namely;

2. Tuesday morning

Not without reason ‘Tuesday morning’ is called the best time to get cheap airline tickets. According to travel site Forecompare, Tuesday morning is one of the best times to book airline tickets because ticket sales on the airline system are carried out on Monday nights. So on Monday morning you will get new supplies at low prices.

3. Wednesday morning

Well, according to the travel editor of CBS News, Wednesday morning is the best time to hunt for plane tickets. Because according to him, there are many choices of cheap airline tickets available on Sundays and Mondays, while people have 24 hours to complete payments. So, Tuesday is considered the deadline and Wednesday morning you can get cheap tickets again.

Apart from these times, RedDoorz recommends that you be as flexible as possible regarding departure times. If necessary, first make sure you get the best flight ticket price, then clear the schedule so you can leave.

What is your own experience, RedTraveler? When do you usually hunt for plane tickets to get the best deal?