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Best Midwest Vacation in the Fall to Visit

In the autumn season, the scenery is transformed to be very exquisite. There are lots of flowers and leaves falling. Besides, in this season there are also many festivals held. It seems so good to plan a holiday with family. Midwest is one of the recommendations to visit. You can decide the best Midwest vacation in the fall. There are small towns and big cities that become very beautiful in this season. Whether you like living in townhouses, condos, or even renting a house, there are plenty of choices for you. Here are some places that can be perfect for fall vacation.

Mackinac Island in Michigan

Want to spend a memorable weekend? there is Mackinac Island which can be your best Midwest vacation in the fall. Climbing one of the best parks is an activity you should not miss. This is very challenging because you have to pass the 71 miles trail along with difficult track. A winding road is something that will drain your energy. But this would be very fun to do. Besides climbing, you can also cycle around the coastline while looking at the amazing scenery.

Eureka Springs in Arkansas

Amazing spring views can be found next at Eureka Springs. It is located in the Arkansas Ozarks which becomes the main destination for tourists. Lover’s Leap and Inspiration Point are examples of destinations that offer lots of fun. Ranging from just walking, eating at restaurants, to shopping at souvenir shops, everything is very fun to do. In addition, there are also small gardens that protect natural springs. It’s really the best place to heal yourself.

North Shore in Minnesota

North Shore is the perfect place to realize the best Midwest vacation. This place has amazing natural beauty from waterfalls, dense forests to cliffs. In addition, it’s famous with its seven state parks as well. For the perfect autumn atmosphere, you can visit the city of Duluth. It is surrounded by many beaches and cliffs close to the Sawtooth mountains. Here there are about thousands of hectares of colourful trees that are very beautiful when are falling.

Door County in Wisconsin

Door County became the fourth destination for top autumn show in the Midwest. You will feel the atmosphere like being in New England on Highway 57 by the lake. It can be seen from the beautiful lighthouse view with its white frame buildings. You can freely explore the amazing village. There are Egg Harbour, Sturgeon Bay, Fish Creek and Egg Harbour to visit.

Custer State Park in South Dakota

The last place to visit is Custer State Park in South Dakota. For those who want to get a vacation other than usual, this is the right place. There are many spots where you can see the beauty of autumn like in Sylvan Lake. At Custer State Park itself you can find around 1,300 bison roaming. Yes, this looks like it’s really in the wild. There are many activities that you can do especially on the weekends. In addition, there is also the Buffalo Art Festival which you should not miss because lots of vendors participated.