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Battlefield 2 modern combat pc download completo. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

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Battlefield 2 modern combat pc download completo

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Good for training team work and combat strategy.


Battlefield 2 modern combat pc download completo. Battlefield 2 Modern Combat


Ticket counters are reduced by 1 for each time a player spawns after a death however there is also a reduction based on how many flags a team owns. If a team owns the majority of the flags, the enemy team’s ticket counter will reduce faster then the team with more flags and vice versa; if both teams have an equal amount of flags then neither side’s ticket counter will drop apart from player deaths.

All vehicles are available from the start in Conquest mode. Maps vary from who owns what control point at the beginning of the round. Some maps start with a team only in control of their own spawn point whilst other maps start with one team owning a permanent un-capturable control point however the other team start with all the other capture points.

Capture the Flag takes place on a smaller version of maps which means less vehicles and closer infantry combat. Each team holds a flag in their spawn point which the enemy team must capture to win. A player picks up a flag by walking over it, he must then carry it to his own base to receive a flag capture point. The flag is returned to a team’s base by killing the person holding it and then walking over their own flag.

The multiplayer component of the game features 16 maps, each pitting two of the game’s three factions against each other. The maps are:. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat brings the modern military Battlefield experience from the PC to consoles.

PlayStation 2 Xbox Xbox. The place of action will be the Kazakh Republic, it is there that the camps of these states are now located. You can download the Battlefield 2 Modern Combat torrent on our game portal. You have to independently take part in the capture of new enemy territories. Access is open to a huge number of weapons and equipment. All soldiers are well-trained and tactically trained. More than 50 types of different equipment, including the navy, are available for gamers in this game.

Capturing the territory alone is a very difficult matter, but you can go into command mode and jointly achieve the desired goal. The game has new game cards, good quality graphics.

Many battles await you, so start preparing your fighters for battle. It will be difficult to capture the territory of the enemy, you can play for any of the four powers, both in single player and in collective mode. New maps and locations, nice graphics and fierce battles for the territory. The modern battle begins, so prepare your team of fighters! Marines, gunners, military pilots — such characters are waiting for you in the game!

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