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A Detailed Guide to the Fundamentals of Graphic Design

A Detailed Guide to the Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Graphics and images are the significant part of your business brochures, flyers and web pages. Uniqueness in the graphic design is likely to create a brand identity of your own and thus, enhance your market presence. Hence, you must focus on creating exclusive graphic images that can help you stand out the crowd. However, graphic designing is not as simple as it sounds. A designer must know a few tricks and tactics of graphic design before he starts off. Here we are talking about the fundamentals of graphic design that are going to help you in the long run.

Carefully Choose Colors

Colors are the significant part of graphic design. Carefully chosen colors always have positive impact on the viewers. While choosing the colors, keep in mind that it should fit appropriately with the item or products you are selling. For example, if you are choosing electronic items, go for metallic color. If you are selling summer garments, go for some floral colors. Try to make your image eye-catching so that it can easily attract viewer’s attention.

Properly Use Space

Proper spacing is extremely important while you are placing graphic images to your website. Take a look that how much of your webpage is filled up with images and what is the percentage of unused space. Keep in mind that you should never stuff your webpage with as much graphics as you can. It makes your website look congested and is likely to frustrate your visitors. According to the web designing experts, the appropriate percentage can be anywhere from 60% to 80% used space (filled with graphical images) and 40% to 20% negative or unused space.

Use Forms Properly

Forms are also considered as a kind of graphical image on website. A form can be a block or a rectangular shaped image which is placed on a website. Proper placement of forms is essential to create an impressive visual appearance to your website. For this purpose, proper alignment of the form is extremely important. You can either choose to make your forms left aligned or right aligned. However, the text in the forms should always be left aligned.

Focus on Appropriate Texture

Finally, appropriate texture is an important part of the graphic design on your website. To create a positive impact, you must choose some interesting textures that is appropriately suitable to your background and text. Keep in mind that texture is a significant part of your website.

Use these tips before you start your next graphic designing job.