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4 Tips for Choosing and Caring for Glasses for Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle by wearing sunglasses or sunglasses is often considered cooler. But basically, the main purpose of wearing sunglasses is because you don’t want to be dazzled when riding a motorcycle on the street. Using sunglasses when driving will indeed make driving more comfortable, because the glare of the sun can be reduced during the day. But it should be understood, that choosing glasses to ride a motorcycle there are rules. Anything?

It is undeniable that riding a motorbike is indeed a pretty fun activity. Because, besides being able to enjoy a more free view, the motorbike can also penetrate narrow streets. So wanting to go anywhere becomes easier and faster.

However, in a tropical climate like Indonesia, motorcyclists are often confronted with the problem of glare from the sun when driving during the day. Though it can interfere with the view, and can even endanger motorists and other road users. Thus, the alternative chosen is to use a helmet with black glasses or by wearing glasses to ride a motorcycle.

Not all Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are designed to block out the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is important to know tips on choosing glasses for riding a motorcycle which have been summarized below.

1. Has UV protection
Choose glasses that have UV protection features . Glasses with UV protection will minimize ultraviolet rays that attack the eyes. With the UV protection feature , we as riders will feel comfortable because the view will be more shady.

2. Choose a polarized lens
Actually there are many types of lenses that we can choose. But, specifically for glasses for riding a motorbike, choose sunglasses that have polarized lenses . This material functions as photo chromatic (capable of absorbing sunlight up to 98%), and can adapt to UV rays. In other words, when indoors, the lens of the glasses will turn bright so that the view will be brighter, and when outdoors, the lens will automatically turn dark so that sunlight will not dazzle the eyes.

3. Equipped with anti-scratch features
Goggles for riding a motorbike are usually used outdoors, and there is a risk of exposure to dust. So to maximize its function, you should choose a type of lens that has scratch resistant or anti-scratch power so that it can be cleaned safely without the risk of being scratched on the lens.

4. Choose comfortable eyeglass frames
The next tip, choose riding glasses with comfortable frames and designed to follow the contours of the face. Usually has a sporty or curved design according to the shape of the face. Also make sure to choose a frame that is not too heavy, but strong. In addition, make sure the handle of the frame is flexible and doesn’t get in the way when you wear a helmet.