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3 Business Card Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

3 Business Card Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

Have you ever been given a business card only to think “I can’t do business with this guy…”. It’s a great example of how business cards speak to us in a very subtle way and for this very reason companies spend a lot of money to pay graphic designers to come up with “simple” logo’s. Why? Well, if done correctly it can immediately convey the right message and connect with potential clients. If done incorrectly, it can immediately scare off all the right people.

Its surprisingly easy to get it wrong as a graphic design is very temperamental. The smallest things can make or break the design. If you don’t have the liberty of employing a graphic designer, then make sure you avoid these 3 crucial mistakes.

1. PhotosNever put your own photo on your business card. Its egotistical and although is can work for some types of businesses, in general it should be avoided at all costs. The same goes for photos in general. Don’t put photos of your products on a business card unless its an abstraction.

2. FontsTypology is a study in itself and designers spend years studying the different types of typologies and how to use them. This is also where most novice designers get it wrong. As a rule of thumb you should never use “weird” or funny fonts as they usually look unprofessional. Stick to basic fonts like Ariel, Verdana and Times.

3. PapersI recently saw a guy who had his business card printed on a piece of Perspex. Not only was it thick and heavy, I could hardly read the telephone number. Stay away from funny papers and gimmick. Experienced designers may be able to pull it off but you probably won’t. Thick, matt gloss paper is more than sufficient. Keep in mind how it feels since people will touch it as well.

If you are unsure about your design skills then keeping it very simple is the key. Small logo, black Ariel font on white paper. Simple works. Funny might make an impression, but it usually makes an impression for all the wrong reasons. I would suggest you try and employ a graphic designer were possible as they have a feel for colors, fonts and design. Although many people “think” they can design, they really cant and they end up with business cards that will find its way into a corporate bin sooner than it deserves.