Animal Safety With Toy Hauler Or Other RV Travel

Animal Safety With Toy Hauler Or Other RV Travel

Travel through the back-country means in an RV or toy hauler that the threats of animal attacks could increase. If you take the time to understand what may happen, then you can prepare yourself and your fellow RV or toy hauler travelers. You should respect the wildlife surrounding you when traveling, but be smart and protect yourself as much as possible.

Some of the most common attacks from animals come from ants, bees, and bears. You will find these animals as you take your tow-able toy hauler or motor home into the back country. You want to follow these tips and protect your RV and toy hauler companions.

1. Attacks from bees: Bees swarm when made angry, and they are attracted to moisture. Be careful when you are traveling with your motor home or toy hauler in the back country of moisture climates. Look for moist spots in and around your camping spot. These places could range from a water cooler or ice chest to a radiator cooler.

If you do find yourself being swarmed by bees, then look immediately for a place to hide. If possible, run to your motor home or toy hauler, and leave the area. Swarms of bees have the ability to swarm in one place for a long time period, so it is not smart to run and hide in water. Seek medical attention, if you get stung.

2. Attacks from bears: Bears are extremely scent sensitive, so if you are traveling with items that are scented, be aware. You will want to buy a bear canister to store items such as food, lip gloss, tooth paste, or deodorant. This will help prevent scents from reaching bears from your RV or toy hauler.

If you cross a black bear, then you should throw rocks, wave your arms wildly, and scare it with loudness. Run to your toy hauler or RV as soon as you can, and leave the area. If you encounter with a grizzly bear, then you will want to get out of the way immediately. Seek cover in your motor home and leave.

3. Fire ant attacks: Ants often build their nests beneath rocks or logs, but if the area is open, there could be a dome shaped ant nest. They could attack a human being in a swarm, so be aware of any domes or hiding spots they could build in. Many people are allergic to fire ants, so seek medical attention immediately. Move the RV if you see many different nest spots.

When you go RVing in the back country, be preventative and stay safe. Know your surroundings and what to do in case of emergency from animal attacks.

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