How to use Directv services on different platforms

In many cases, access to other channels and programs gives users the opportunity to enjoy unlimited content access. Directv gives users the opportunity to access the program of choice at any time. Depends on the package that the audience subscribes to. There are between 50 to 250 channels accessible to the user. Choices can be made from sports and other local channels available to the user.

In some cases, users are interested in accessing different stations at the same time. In such situations, users need to split the screen. On bundled DirecTV packages , users can access multiple channels on their screen by using the split screen feature.

Use of Game Mix

Directv has several features that allow users to access content at their convenience. Game mix is ​​one of the best features in Directv. It allows users to watch games and other content. It has a feature that allows users to access more than four NFL games at the same time. It is available on Windows, iOS and Android devices for user convenience.

How to use Directv services such as Split-screen on Smartphones

Users can access Directv services on their smartphones. When the game mix is ​​open, the user can select the required content and play it. When they need to open another channel, users can select mixed mode and open an empty slot. Users can drag and drop content on slots and access content conveniently.

How to use Directv services on PlayStation

Users can access Directv on their PlayStation and Apple devices. Instead of dragging and dropping game chips one by one, users can press Square on the PlayStation to select the game chip they are interested in.

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How to make Directv Subscription

Directv has many channels that a user can access at any given moment. User can select usage channel from various available channels. Users can create monthly or yearly subscriptions depending on the amount of content they need to access.

When to Use split Screen

For Users who are interested in viewing more than one channel at the same time. Users can access channels when they need to catch up. For example, a user may be interested in watching two live matches at the same time.

In such a situation, the user can choose the split option which allows the user to access the content as they see fit. Screen splits and Image in picture mode are common among many Directive users who can access content at the most convenient time.