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Getting Food For Free On Your Camping Trip – Discover How To Get Some Fresh Tasty Food For Free

Getting Food For Free On Your Camping Trip – Discover How To Get Some Fresh Tasty Food For Free

It is not an easy task to survive wholly on food found in the wild unless of course your name is Bear Grylls or Ray Mears. But it is a great way to supplement your bought in food and produce. It is also especially fun if you are going camping with your family and have young children. There is nothing quite like going through woodland and your children picking wild blueberries and blackberries.

You do have to proceed with caution though, often you may think something is safe to eat when in fact it is not. For example you may come across many white berries in the countryside but please avoid at all costs as they are extremely poisonous. Mushrooms are another classic example, it is best not to touch them at all unless you are an expert. Some are harmless while some are will poison you. If this is something that interests you then it may be worth your while in speaking to some local experts or rangers in the area you are camping in.

Hunting wild animals is not really an option for many of us, not like times of old when we used to hunt wild boar. However fishing is an excellent way to get your own food for free and is a great fun to. You can either fish at a beach near your campsite or the local river. Both of these options can depend on their success due to where you are camping in the country. There is nothing quite like barbecuing some freshly caught trout or mackerel on a campfire.

Herbs are also often found aplenty in woodland and in the great outdoors. Mint tea made from fresh leaves is something that ahs to be experienced. The same goes for herbs such as wild thyme and garlic and nothing like you will find in your local store. Always be considerate when picking herbs, never take more than you need as the plant needs to survive to so others can enjoy these hidden wonders.

You need to be acutely aware of your surroundings when you look for food, there may be local rules in the area which prohibit people from picking any produce or for fishing in certain rivers. It is good to get your children used to the idea of finding your own food, as sadly in this modern age not enough of these so-called old fashioned skills are taught to our youngsters anymore.