Fusing Traditional and Modern Marketing Services for Success

Fusing Traditional and Modern Marketing Services for Success

In the contemporary business world, the Internet has become the buzz word. Other forms of media are slowly being overtaken by the digital age and the advertising design industry has not been spared. The older forms of advertising and marketing such as print have been discarded as more people embrace the Internet technology for business. Marketing and advertising has always been the core of businesses since time immemorial but what does it really entail? It is all about identifying a market and hooking it to your products. With this basic idea, one can then examine why the debate on modern and traditional marketing services has gone on for so long.

Traditional advertising design aims at focusing on the product and the company. It seeks to increase the visibility of a company consistently until the market has received the message. Such forms of marketing include billboards, newspaper adverts, and banners among others, which have been around for decades. The marketing services company uses their unique market position that has been gained over time to loop in more and more customers through unique advertising. If you check the billboards for example, it is hard to get two that are similar because each company has focused on its brand including colors, logos and other features easily identifiable with it. The traditional mode of marketing is tangible because it mostly uses visuals and it is easy to target local clientele and potential customers. Some forms of advertising such as radio are also known to go far and wide even in the remotest areas though the Internet also boasts such wide coverage.

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On the other hand, new technologies of advertising mostly revolve around the Internet. Millions of people are spending time online according to research and social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, websites among others have become the way of communication. Making of graphic design and other techniques has been made quite easy and many people identify with this media. The method is also considered to be cheap because almost no costs are involved in interacting with your target clients online even as you update them on upcoming products or launches.

The question that arises at this point is which method to use. Quite frankly, the best approach is to use both approaches to complement each other. Social media might be explosive but it is time consuming and the customer base is not as loyal as that achieved through traditional methods. Techniques such as print have captivated people for years at street corners and they still do and hence, ignoring them might be injurious to your business. Traditional marketing services like radio also offer durability because your message can stay for some time before any need for updating hence earning faster results over a longer period. However, proponents of the Internet will argue that the cost is high hence the need for social media marketing. What about incorporating the two? This is the best method. Take for example, a TV advert that directs the audience to the Facebook page or blog where more information can be found or an online blog advert that does the same. This is the best way forward and all you need is a strong firm offering full services and advice on the same.

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