Where to Visit in Malang at Night?

For some people, go to somewhere at night is always better. Besides feeling the cold air, going out at night will make different experience. For those who have many works at day time, you can use your night to refresh your mind. Malang is a good place to visit if you still don’t know where to go. It’s so good to visit Malang attractions at night. Want to know where to visit in Malang? There are some recommendation of destination that can make your night to be more colorful.

Tugu Town Square

Where to visit in Malang number one? As it’s located in the center of city, Tugu Town square is very beautiful especially at night. Sparkling decorative lights and splashing fountains are two main attractions you will see in this place. In the center of this place, there is a pond an tugu or monument as the icon. You can just sitting in the garden chairs or looking around. The scenery is more beautiful because the city hall is located behind this park.

Address: Tugu Street, Kiduldalem, Klojen, Malang.

Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular or BNS is the next where to visit in Malang at night. As the name implies, this destination often visited at night. BNS combines the concepts of shopping, games, sports and entertainment. So, for those who are looking for many options in one place, it’s very recommended to visit. The most interesting in this place are the rides and various kinds of lantern. You can try all the rides such as sky bike that can boost your adrenaline.

Entrance Ticket: 30,000 IDR (weekdays) and 40,000 IDR (weekend)

Address: 1 Hayam Wuruk Street, Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu, Malang.

Malang Night Paradise

There is still one night attraction where to visit in Malang. Malang Night Paradise is the right place to visit besides BNS. This tourist park is a development of the Hawai Waterpark. For those who don’t know Hawai Waterpark, it has concept of  Hawaiian waterpark with waterslides & tours, dining area, pool bar & playground. These two attractions are perfect to be a destination for family vacation in Malang. But Malang Night Paradise is more fun to visit because it combines aspects of education, art, and technology. The most visible attractions of this place is lantern and dinosaur that make this place becomes photography spot.

Entrance Ticket: 50,000 IDR (weekdays) and 60,000 IDR (weekend)

Address: 66 Graha Kencana Raya, Karanglo, Balearjosari, Blimbing, Malang.


Paralayang or paragliding in Mount Banyak becomes the next where to visit in Malang at night. It provides paragliding facilities for those who are curious to try this sport. As it’s located in Mount Banyak area, there are two locations which are for departure in Mount Banyak itself and landing point in Songgoriti area. If you want to try paragliding at night, you still need to consult first because it depends on the direction of the wind and other reasons. But you still can visit it to see the very beautiful view of lights throughout the city.

Entrance Ticket: 10,000 IDR (weekdays) and 15,000 IDR (weekend)

Address: Mount Banyak Street, Songgokerto, Pujon, Batu, Malang.

Pasar Parkiran

Besides trying rides at amusement parks, it feel unless to visit Malang without trying its culinary. Pasar Parkiran or Parking Market is a place for the government to make the PKL or street food sellers more orderly and tidy. In this place, you will not only can try the culinary but also but the souvenir. It’s very good if you bring your kids to visit Parking Market. There is a game zone to try any kinds of ride. Besides, there are also 3D Art Trick and Glass House.

Address: Sultan Agung Street, Batu, Malang.

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