Want to get Memorable Moments? Follow Traveling to Malang Tips

You might be confused to choose tourism destinations when you plan a traveling to Malang. It’s reasonable because we can’t count one by one all the attractions that owned by this city. From nature, artificial tour until theme park are all available. It’s really not difficult to find your happiness in Malang. But if you want to get memorable moments during your traveling to Malang, it’s better for you to follow some tips below. There are some travel destinations that you can choose to be your reference.

History Tour in Brawijaya Museum

Among the various options of travel destination, you can choose one that can give you memorable moments. It’s a good idea to visit historical place like Brawijaya Museum. You can make your traveling to Malang becomes different. If you usually go to very modern place, you can learn more about history from a place that you didn’t know before. In Brawijaya Museum, you will learn about the courage of Malang citizens in fighting against the invaders in the past. Besides, there are also various collections of historical objects like vehicles and weapons.

Address: 25 A Ijen Street, Gading Kasri, Klojen, Malang.

Explore the City with Macito

The next activity to do when you are travelling to Malang is explore its city. Besides chilling temperature, Malang also has clean environment that can make you comfortable to stay longer. Even for walking around, it’s still good to do on its streets. There is a transportation that you can use to explore Malang city namely Macito or Malang City Tour. This is a level tour bus with an open deck at the top to look around the city. It’s okay if you go with more than two members because this bus has 40 passengers capacity. For the route, it will start from Malang City Hall, Merdeka Square, Kawi Street, Ijen Street, turning back at Simpang Balapan then back again to Malang City Hall. You don’t need to spend money to try this transportation because it’s free.

Visit Trunojoyo Park

Visiting Trunojoyo also becomes an alternative if you don’t want to explore Malang further. You can easily reach this pace because it’s located near Kota Baru Station. Actually, you also can visit Tugu Monument which is also near the station. But if you bring your kids for traveling to Malang, you can visit Trunojoyo Park. There are facilities which are suitable for kids such as slides, swings, and seesaw. But there are also attractions such as fountain and white sandbox to play. For those who only want to relax themselves, it’s also a good place for you. It’s because there are lots of trees which is useful to make this park green and cool for the environment.

Address: Trunojoyo Street, Klojen, Malang.

Explore the Underwater of Sumber Sirah Bathing Place

What else can give you memorable moments in traveling to Malang? Exploring the underwater of Sumber Sirah Bathing Place could be fun. Although it has a plus value in chilling temperature, but you can’t avoid traffic in Malang, especially at break time or when the workers are going home. You might be disturbed by this situation. That’s why you can enjoy your day with different activity in Sumber Sirah. Besides swimming, you also can see the beauty of underwater in this bathing place.

Address: Sunan Gunung Jati Street, Putukrejo, Gondanglegi, Malang.

Take Pictures in Colorful Village Jodipan and Tridi Village

The last activity to do when you are traveling to Malang is take pictures in Colorful Village Jodipan and Tridi Village. These two destinations always become a travel destinations for almost local tourists. That’s why it’s a must to put them on your itinerary. There are many colorful instagram-able spots which are perfect for those photography enthusiasts.

Address: Alley 1 Jodipan Street, Kesatrian, Blimbing, Malang.

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