How to Fix Your Inflatable Camping Tents

How to Fix Your Inflatable Camping Tents

When we go camping it is crucial to bring along the necessary provisions. This is what will help you to have fun and stay safe when out in the wild. One of the more important of these is the tent that you want. Most people will decide to bring the inflatable tents because they are lightweight and easy to set up.

The one disadvantage to these is that they might become split by rocks, sticks, and other debris. In case this comes about it is important to have the proper provisions and to recognize the better way to mend a hole without having to buy a new one or to sleep on the ground.

You have to always have a puncture repair kit with you for troubles such as this. The best way to avert this when out in the woods is to test it for leaks before you leave.

Before you are able to fix it you should know where the leak is coming from. Inflate the tent and listen for where the air is being released. This can be challenging, particularly when the hole is quite tiny. To make things better fill it with soapy and cold water. You will straightaway know where the hole is.

Mark the hole or tear with a felt pen. When you have done this you can pull out the water. It has to be simple to find the hole because you have marked it. Now put on solvent to the plastic patch from the repair kit. The patch will go over the hole and cover all of the edges of it.

When the hole is sealed you can apply more solvent onto the patch. Make sure it is completely dried before you inflate it or pour more water into it. If all is well than you recognize you have completely mended the inflatable camping tent with no troubles.

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