Caravan Camping Sites Are Great Fun!

Caravan Camping Sites Are Great Fun!

There is a special charm about caravan camping sites in the UK that you just don’t find with another type of holiday.

Perhaps it’s that sense of community that seems to form while you are there; almost every family has small children who love to make friends with each other, and you invariably end up making friends with other families on the site.

It’s the real ‘back to basics’ feel that brings everyone together. If you are staying in a tent then everything will be very basic; you will cook your meals outside, which gives everyone a sense of adventure. It can be so much fun trying to cook for the whole family using a Calor gas stove; bacon and eggs in the morning in a little frying pan, pasta boiled in the pan at night, and washing up outside afterward in a bucket.

You’ll find that the children want to chip in and help for a change as it is such an adventure.

What you’ll need

If you are staying on camping sites in a tent, then the first thing you need to consider is that you will have no electricity. This means you will need to take a couple of good torches with you, else once it’s dark you won’t be able to see a thing, most inconvenient if you need to visit the toilet in the night.

You’ll also need some warm clothing to sleep in. It can get very cold at night when you are lying in a tent, so be sure to wrap up warm.

Wet wipes are always useful at caravan sites, especially for children after eating, but they actually come in useful for more things. If you’re feeling lazy one night for example, or it’s raining and you don’t fancy crossing the campsite to the sinks, they serve as emergency washing cloths for makeup and dirty hands.

If you’re planning to cook meals you’ll need to bring some appropriate plastic plates and cutlery; china is easily broken on caravan camping sites.

If you’re sleeping on the floor of a tent, possibly one of the best investments you can make is in an inflatable bed or mattress. This will save you the discomfort of lying on a hard, uneven ground that might actually prevent you from sleeping.

A blow-up bed is easy to assemble providing you have a car; simply bring a pump that attaches to your car cigarette lighter and let the engine do the hard work for you!

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